10 scariest Nintendo games, ranked

The jumps forward in the video game the industry can often feel seismic and as if the whole environment has changed. There are many key players in the video game industry, and Nintendo has always been one of the most fascinating developers with some of the most unique and ambitious games. Over the years, Nintendo has cultivated a reputation that leans more towards a younger audience and a family aesthetic, but that’s not always the case with their releases.

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It’s certainly a rarity when an adult rated game comes out on a Nintendo console, which can sometimes amplify even more. the unexpected fears that are generated in the game. There have been some really terrifying games that have hit Nintendo consoles across different generations of gamers.

ten Another World immerses the player in a strange and alien world

Super Nintendo Another World Death Video Games

Another world, also known as Out of this world in North America, is a 1991 Super Nintendo release that was extremely ahead of its time and only recently gained appreciation with a 15th Anniversary Edition for modern consoles. Another world Really pushes the SNES material for now with a weird narrative that makes impressive use of cutscenes. The game centers on a beleaguered scientist who finds himself trapped in a dangerous alien world filled with disturbing and unknown horrors. While not strictly a survival horror game, Another world is still full of haunting images.

9 Metroid Fusion injects horror and terror into the Action-Adventure series

Metroid Fusion Nightmare Battle

Nintendo’s prolific Metroid The franchise has seen several facelifts that have fully embraced the versatility of the rich world of the sci-fi series. Metroid was never strictly a horror game, but spooky enemies and dark themes have always accompanied atmospheric experiences. Metroid Fusion, a remarkable entry on Game Boy Advance, takes a look at the horror angle and introduces Samus Aran to creatures that are pure nightmare fuel. The creepy soundtrack and level design does a lot of work, but Samus being hunted down by an evil doppelgänger of herself is deeply creepy as well.

8 The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask excels with spooky imagery

Majora's Mask Moon Looks Down at Skull Kid

THE Legend of Zelda turned out to be one of Nintendo’s most consistent series. The Zelda The series does a great job with creating new concepts that can anchor a new adventure. THE Legend of Zelda‘s the world is so big and many of its darkest impulses are being left behind.

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The Nintendo 64 Majora’s Mask remains one of the most memorable entries in the series due to its unusually creepy subject matter. The grim inevitability of a horrible moon crashing over the world is a lot to take into account, but Majora thrives on terror and chaos.

7 The SNES start of the clock tower is the pinnacle of 16-bit horror

Super Nintendo Video Games Clock Tower Scissorman Attack

The Clock tower survival horror series for PlayStation became popular during the boom in resident Evil and silent Hill, but the creepy slasher franchise has since faded into oblivion. The series’ 3D offerings get the job done, but Clock tower actually started on the Super Nintendo, and it still nails the aesthetic stretched through a 16-bit side roll. Clock tower is so effective because there are constant losses and assaults on the player which increase the feeling of helplessness. Scissorman is an iconic horror villain who will make the player want to deactivate the game out of fear.

6 N64’s Resident Evil 2 is a technical marvel

The resident Evil The series has worked hard to establish itself as the premier survival horror franchise and has seen some fascinating developments over the years. The zombie series started on PlayStation and Sega Saturn, which has left many Nintendo fans eager to check out spooky games. It was a very big deal when Resident Evil 2 was ported to the Nintendo 64 and to a cartridge no less. It might not be the best version of the game, but it was a crucial turning point for Nintendo horror fans.

5 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories reinvents a horror classic

Silent Hill shattered memories

Remakes can be a double-edged sword in the gaming industry, but it has become a common prospect with survival horror games due to the success of the slew of. resident Evil redone. silent Hill has always been excellent at exploring psychological horror, and the Wii Silent Hill: Broken Memories is a great reimagining of the first game in the series.

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Broken memories has a lot of Silent Hill’s Classically disturbing enemy designs, but the remake’s changes culminate in a more personal experience that attempts to shake the player’s nerves with psychological tricks.

4 Sweet Home creates the murderous foundation for Resident Evil

Screenshot of the video game Sweet Home

Sweet home was one of the first horror titles for Nintendo consoles, and it was released all the way back to 1989. Sometimes retro games are quite a product of their time, but Sweet home and his macabre images still stand today. Its storyline that involves exploring a strange mansion is nothing special, but its strength lies in the details. There wouldn’t be resident Evil without a Sweet home, but the game still has its own merits and is creepier than many titles released over a decade later.

3 Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water never releases the tension

Screenshot of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

The Fatal frame games have never known the same enthusiasm as resident Evil and silent Hill, but they’re arguably the most consistent survival horror series across the board. The Fatal frame games turn into ghosts for their horror, and the first-person camera mechanic creates a deeply personal gameplay experience that’s conducive to terror. All of the Fatal frame the games are deeply disturbing, but the fifth entry, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, To migrated from Wii U to the switch. The console control scheme makes black water damsel even more frightening.

2 Resident Evil 4 is a franchise highlight with endless fears

Video Games Resident Evil 4 Ashley Escort Mission

The resident Evil series has positively affected the survival horror genre in an undeniable way. Most of the franchise’s entries contain some gruesome footage and enemies, but Resident Evil 4 is always announced as not only the pinnacle of the survival horror series, but a turning point for the genre in general. Allowed, Resident Evil 4 brings a heavy mix of action to the series, but the horror elements are overwhelming. The simple beep of a chainsaw racing offscreen is enough to trigger a panic attack in the player.

1 Eternal darkness enters the player’s head to amplify their horror

Power of the occult in eternal darkness

Eternal darkness is one of the most creative and effective survival horror games of all time, which makes it even more surprising that this is a A Gamecube exclusive that has been lost in time. Eternal darkness contains standard monsters and tense environments, but the game’s patented use of sanity effects adds a compelling psychological component to horror where the player doesn’t know what to trust. Add to that a tale deeply inspired by HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, and it’s hard to go wrong. Eternal darkness.

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