4 reasons to use a dual or triple monitor setup

Have you ever thought why people, especially gamers, have more than one monitor on their desk? A multi-monitor setup sounds cool, but there are good reasons why they do it. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why many people opt for dual or even triple monitors.

Multitasking real estate

Most people use their gaming setups for more than one thing. Some people game and edit video, while others create other types of content on their gaming PCs. Having two or more monitors gives them more room for what they’re doing when they’re not gaming. For example, those who edit videos might have notes and folders open on their secondary display and their video editing software on their primary display.

If you are streaming, you need more than one monitor to be able to play on the main one and have your stream and other information on the other screen.

It allows you to take breaks without interrupting the workflow

Going back to what you were doing on a single monitor can interrupt your workflow, as you may have to wade through multiple windows and folders looking for what you were working on. With a two- or three-monitor setup, this isn’t necessary.

You can have one screen dedicated to what you’re working on and the other with windows of what you like to do during your breaks. If you play certain games during longer breaks, you can play certain casino games on your second screen without minimizing what you were doing on the main screen. If you’re looking for games to play on your long breaks, check out these casino reviews that let you play online for real money.

Once you’ve finished your break, you can get back to work without any problems.

Easy file referencing

You probably refer to different files all the time while working. You can have a PDF with product specifications on one side while creating a document or report on the other. You don’t have to think about changing windows while you work, saving you precious seconds that can accumulate during the workday.

Plus, having multiple monitors makes comparisons easier. If you’re a developer, for example, you might have documentation with sample code on one screen and your code editor on the other. You can easily compare the given examples with your code, or even reference the documentation to make sure you’re writing the right code.

Flexible workspaces

If you have a home office, multiple monitors can give you flexible workspaces. There will be times when you only want to work on your laptop, so you log off and take it with you. In some cases, you might need a second monitor. You easily connect it to the laptop and now you have multiple screens to work with.

A two- or three-monitor setup gives you plenty of productivity and gaming benefits that you should take advantage of. The best thing is that setting everything up is relatively easy as you don’t need any additional software to use multiple monitors.

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