49ers can’t get over Jimmy Garoppolo’s turnovers in 20-17 loss to Titans

My, oh my.

What a game.

It was a game that was exciting and surely stressful for both fans. But in the end, a team came out victorious.

The 49ers couldn’t get over Jimmy Garoppolo’s turnovers in their 20-17 loss to the Titans.

It was a game where all the 49ers had to do was get on offense. I wrote about this before the game as the Niners defense was going to easily stifle the Titans offense. Even with the return of AJ Brown and Julio Jones, this offense was not threatening. Winning this match was going to drift offensively. And from the start of the game, it looked like this. The offensive of the opening series was so methodical. Kyle Shanahan started out with passing and action play to keep the Titans from overloading themselves against the run.

Scoring a touchdown on this record was a piece of cake. Even the second ride was fun for them. The 49ers were on the verge of scoring a touchdown or at least a field goal. That was until Jimmy Garoppolo, with such conviction on the pitch, was knocked out in the end zone in search of George Kittle.

After this choice, Garoppolo played incredibly fragile.

In fact, he started off really well, completing his first eight assists. Once he was arrested, he clearly went into his own head. After the pick, he missed Kyle Juszczyk wide open at the back of the sideline. It was probably going to be a touchdown. Instead, the 49ers settled for a basket. There was a TON to be desired offensively for the 49ers. It wasn’t something the Titans did defensively. That’s what Garoppolo wasn’t doing after his interception. He was no longer throwing confidently and confidently.

This was evident when he threw his second pick in the third quarter, which established the game’s first touchdown for the Titans. You can’t even blame the defense for that allowed score as they had just come off the pitch before and had to defend a short pitch. Garoppolo single-handedly sobered up everything that worked for the 49ers.

How bad was that?

It cost the 49ers AT LEAST 14 points. The choice in the end zone which removed at least three points, then the missed pass to Juszczyk which cost 4 points. Finally, the second pick he threw leads to seven for the Titans.

He just never was able to find a comfort zone once he threw up that top pick. The 49ers’ defense ended up crumbling by the time the fourth quarter arrived. Again, it’s hard to totally blame them when they’ve been doing their part for most of the game. The offensive could not support training and score points.

It was only a matter of time before the Titans realized their best attacking style was AJ Brown. San Francisco cornerbacks are not good. The offense had to create a cushion early on and keep the Titans away from winning.

Sadly, they gave life to the Titans to win.

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