A handful of Boomstick deserves a remake

When it comes to being influential, few franchises can touch the iconic status of the evil Dead series, especially its impact on the world of video games. The lovable rogue, Ash Williams, is a character who not only directly inspired massive franchises like LOSS but has played in its own share of games over the years. More recently, Ash returned to acting in the asymmetrical horror game, Evil Dead: The Gamewhich is not just a love letter to the franchise as a whole, but a very fun action horror game in its own right.

However, there are other excellent evil Dead games from the past that never really had a chance to shine properly and deserve another shot at glory. With the current popularity of remakes, now is the perfect time to reintroduce one of these forgotten gems in video game form to the mainstream. This is why 2003 Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick deserves a remake.

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When it comes to being both a fan of video games and evil Dead, there was no better time to live than during the sixth generation of consoles. While a handful of rather dreadful licensed games predated the days of the original PlayStation 2 and Xbox, those titles were mostly forgettable experiences. However, that all changed in 2003 when the massive publisher at the time, THQ, acquired the rights to the franchise and published the game developed by VIS Entertainment. Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick.

Still considered by many fans to be the best game in franchise history, Boomstick handle is an action-horror hack-and-slash third-person shooter full of not only the humor the series is known for, but also incredibly fun gameplay. This adventure sees Ash once again on a quest to save the world from being overrun by the forces of evil as he time travels to alternate versions of his hometown, Dearborn Michigan. This narrative setup is perfect for the beloved character, as it once again puts Ash like a fish-out-of-water hero above his head – a prime environment for him to shine.

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However, while the time travel story works well within the confines of the franchise, Boomstick handle really shines in its gameplay. The game combines hack-and-slash melee combat with sleek third-person shooting and manages to replicate the look and feel of combat from the movies. Ash can easily slice and blast hordes of evil undead zombies while simultaneously cracking.

Players can even use powerful spells, Ash’s knowledge of the Necronomicon allowing him to summon zombie dogs or a powerful strength spell that buffs Ash, making him taller and rippling with muscle while adding to his melee damage. . Players can also miscast spells by pressing the wrong button, which is a hilarious experience as Ash confusedly tries to recite the words to no avail. This is another perfect detail that fits the character well.

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Action horror games are more popular than ever, especially when it comes to remakes of classic titles. Next year, the highly anticipated remakes of both dead space and Resident Evil 4 have fans of the genre biting. The timing couldn’t be better for evil Deada series that undoubtedly influenced both of these franchises, only to return with a remake.

On top of that, another trend has started to emerge over the past few years, in which companies like Teyon have started licensing ’80s action properties and releasing games based on these iconic characters. Teyon has already found success with his Terminator: Resistance shooter and hopes to match that success with next year RoboCop: Rogue Town. Audiences have shown that a heavy dose of nostalgia mixed with a reverence for the license can prove successful for these types of games, and in the case of Boomstick handlethere is already a base game to build from.

Ash Williams is an iconic character who has helped shape video game series that have become iconic in their own right. So, given the current climate and the market for action horror titles, it seems only fair that The Chosen One gets another shot at redemption by remaking one of its best video game adventures.

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