All American defines Billy Baker as season 4 villain

All American season 4, episode 1 sets Billy Baker becoming more of a villain for Spencer James, and here’s what that could mean.

Billy Baker could be All American villain of Season 4 due to his anger towards Spencer James. The Season 4 premiere continues the many unresolved stories at the end of All American season 3. As the series showed what happened next for Layla and Carrie, Coop after its filming, the state championship game and more, it allowed for plenty of teasing about the direction of the football drama. The CW. This could include Billy Baker’s evolution as a villain for Spencer.

Spencer’s and Billy’s relationship has been at the forefront of All American from almost the very beginning. Billy was responsible for recruiting Spencer to move him to New Beverly and even agreed to let Spencer live with his family to make him eligible. Billy then followed Spencer to South Crenshaw to try and make another state championship run together. Their partnership led them to become quite close, as Billy’s role as Spencer’s coach strengthened the father-son dynamic between them. However, recent events and the start of All American Season 4 could lead to a lot more conflict between them as the narrative continues to develop.

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Billy and Spencer don’t spend much time together in All American season 4, episode 1, but their difficult relationship takes center stage when they do. Billy is incredibly angry with Spencer during the episode because he once helped train Jordan Baker when he was not allowed to participate in football activities. This resulted in Billy suggesting that Spencer only finds purpose in life with the idea that other people need him to be okay. As an example of how people can be fine without him, Billy points out how well South Crenshaw performed in the State Championship game in his absence. This is arguably the most upset Billy has ever been to Spencer’s house and perhaps one step too far. Therefore, All American Season 4 could use this moment to sever Billy and Spencer’s relationship, turning Crenshaw’s coach into a villain.

All American coach Billy Baker looks off camera.

Billy’s path to becoming a villain for Spencer in All American season 4 can present itself in different ways. For starters, the end of the football season means Billy is no longer technically Spencer’s coach. This could allow Billy to be even harder on Spencer than before as he no longer needs him to win games. Billy might not like to admit it, but he always had a soft spot for Spencer and did everything he could to make sure he was successful. With football out of the picture, that part of the relationship is gone. Billy can now continue to be upset by Spencer regardless of what it means for his job or the team.

If that wasn’t enough, Spencer and Olivia are now dating, which Billy hasn’t fully addressed. As Olivia’s father, it sets up a very different dynamic between them. Billy can now fill the role of the overprotective father and even try to pull them apart based on his annoyance with Spencer. Should Billy become more of a villain in All American season 4, it could give the show a chance to build on its past and the teasing of its anger as a youth and its tendency to be a bully. Billy being a villain could ultimately be part of a larger arc that would help him become a better man, even if it means straining his relationship with Spencer in the short term.

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