Allegations of alleged abuse and neglect within the SK Gaming Academy

SK Gaming Academy Team Director “Vivi” detailed allegations of negligence and abuse at SK Academy in a longer Sunday. The post says the project was mismanaged and describes allegations of players not receiving contracts and coaches not receiving payments.

Maximillian Felix “Sneaby” Baltrusch, former SK Academy bot laner responded to the initial post alleging that at the start of the project two years ago, when he was 15, he was sexually assaulted by a 21-year-old head coach in the German organization.

The twitlonger explains that the players were promised contracts when they joined the team in the summer of 2020. The organization then provided them with sample contracts in August 2020, but plans to sign official contracts have been delayed month by month.

“One time SK was not aware of the budget, the other time the responsible SK authorities were not available for talks, the lawyer had concerns, the CEO had to speak to the CFO, LEC and other topics were more important to bring up in meetings etc, “Vivi said in the post.” The apology ended in March 2021 after the players already played two pending splits, still hoping to receive the contracts promised and (small) salary. “

Two coaches referenced in the twitlonger, who joined the organization in August 2020 and January 2021 respectively, would not have received any of their promised wages until August 15, 2020. The post also highlights issues with management claiming that they were not equipped to deal with personnel issues. surrounding player behavior and mental health.

“The Corona pandemic has surely made matters worse as social contact has been minimized and online school has not worked well for everyone,” Vivi said. “From my point of view, it’s highly! irresponsible to carry out this project without anyone trained to work with adolescents who have experienced depression, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence or bullying.

In 2020, former SK Gaming Prime coach Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal resigned from his post after allegations inappropriate sexual interactions with a minor.

This story is developing and Upcomer has reached out to affected parties for their comments.

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