Artery Gear: Fusion Guide and Tips for Beginners

Arterial Equipment: Fusion is a Strategy RPG game developed by bilibili. This game has turn-based gameplay with many modes that you can play. Moreover, Artery Gear: Fusion has a look that really spoils your eyes, especially when the characters perform their skills which have beautiful animations, then there are also many female characters which have very beautiful and cute visuals. Here is our Artery Gear: Fusion Beginners Guide along with some tips and tricks to improve your combat skills and outrun your friends in game settings.

Gameplay overview

Artery Gear: Fusion will take you to a battlefield of an apocalypse, to battle creatures known as puppets to devour the world. You will need teams of mech girls who can fight puppets. These teams of mech girls are known as Artery Gear led by a commander and then will bring 4 characters plus 3 tactical supports to the battlefield. To win, you’ll need strategies and tactics to build a strong team to take on the ever-changing battlefield

Introducing the basics of Artery Gear: Fusion


In your team, you can choose 4 characters to take to the battlefield. The selection of this character is very important, because you should pay attention to the composition of the team, such as the restriction of attributes and the restriction effect, which we will talk about below, and you should choose a character with high combat effectiveness (commonly known as CP or combat power), to make it easier for you to fight. the enemies.

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In addition to that, you can also adjust the position of each character, such as the repair type which is better placed behind or the 4th position, and the defense type is better placed in the front to minimize the enemy attacking at the back. If you have tactical supportyou can use the Fleet Mandate which will support Artery Gear during the battle, which is very useful when you are fighting against a very powerful enemy.


When you fight, you will bring 4 pre-selected characters. Then you will have a turn to attack the enemy, everything is based on the action bar that you see below. When the character’s action bar reaches 100%, it’s the character’s turn to attack.

Image via BILIBILI

On the battlefield, you can attack in several ways, the most common is to use character skills. Each character’s skill is different and also has a cooldown skill that usually takes several turns to reuse. In addition to this, you can also use tactical support, usually the artillery type of support can attack enemies on a large scale, and there is also air support.

Additionally, you can also use the automatic combat function by pressing the upper right corner in the shape of a circle, then it will process to start the fight according to what you have set.

Artery Gear: Fusion Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Artery Gear: Fusion Beginners Guide to help you beginners get started on your journey.

1. Know the counter of each attribute

There are 3 types of attributes in the game Artery Gear: Fusion, there is red like moltenblue like thunderand green like crystal. In this game there is restraint and restraint or we call it restraint, it has advantages, and restraint is weakness.

Image via BILIBILI

Like other RPG games, there is a triangular cycle in this attribute, the first is that thunder has advantage against fade, fade has advantage against crystal, and crystal has advantage against thunder.

When you attack an enemy that has an advantage over you, it increases your damage by 10% and 15% critical chance, this is called the restrict effect. However, when you attack an enemy that has a weakness against you, the enemy will have a 50% chance to deflect your attack, this is called the sober effect.

2. Learn each character’s Artery Gear type

There are 5 types of AG in this game, these types are classified according to the situation and the conditions of the battle, so it is very suitable when you understand that it must be applied during battles.

Type AG Function
Assault This guy is the one who can do a lot of damage to destroy the enemy
Balance As the name suggests, this type is very good for a variety of situations and circumstances.
Tactical Tactical types bring unique skills and talents to the table and they work wonders in specific combat situations
Repair This type can heal your allies’ HP that has been reduced and keep them alive during battle
Defense This type is perfect for taking damage from enemy attacks and protecting allies during battle

3. Improve your character

There are several ways to increase your AG while playing this game, such as the following:


Image via BILIBILI

One of the easiest ways to increase it is to increase the character’s level, using the EXP Cat Orb or character as material to get extra EXP, but we recommend you to use EXP Cat Orb as XL Foam which you can get through the reward because the EXP you get is very high. a big part of your character.


Image via BILIBILI

Using this technology, you can increase your stat attributes more specifically, but it requires a few keys that can be obtained through data gathering battles.


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To increase the capacity of your skills, it can be so. You will need some items such as the Decryption chip to upgrade it. There are 3 types of description bullets, first basic for 3 star characters, intermediate for 4 star characters and advanced for 5 star characters.

4. Use the right equipment

Equipment is one of the important things in this game because from there we can get additional attributes to support your combat effectiveness. When you get a new character that wants to be equipped, you can use the quick equip configuration feature.

Adapted equipment
Image via BILIBILI

In a fast gear setup, you can choose to focus on ATK (attack), HP (health point), DEF (defense), and SPD (speed). We suggest you adjust it to your AG type, if it is assault it can be matched with ATK gear, and repair type can be matched with HP gear.

There are 2 types of attributes in equipment, there are main and auxiliary. This main attribute has 6 different types, there is a weapon system to add ATK, a energy system add HP, a protection system add DEF, a drive systema sight elementAnd one amplifier component which has no fixed attributes. Then there is this auxiliary attribute adding the attribute of the main attribute. The auxiliaries are classified in 4 colors, green, blue, purple and gold (listed from smallest to largest).

Final Thoughts

Artery Gear: Fusion is a game that makes you understand every element that exists so you can win every battle. Moreover, you also need a high level character and gear so you can easily fight enemies and get 3 stars in every battle.

That’s all in this Artery Gear: Fusion beginners guide. Let us know in the comments section if you find this Artery Gear: Fusion Beginners Guide useful.

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