Best NFT Play-To-Earn Games To Watch This Month


  • The beta version of “Coin Pirates” is expected to launch in November
  • “Mines of Dalarnia” has captured the attention of thousands even though it is yet to be released
  • “The Sandbox” is set to open its Play-To-Earn economy in November

NFT Play-To-Earn games are quickly gaining traction as gamers slowly embrace the new form of gaming, and for this month crypto enthusiasts and gamers have a slew of new releases to choose from in this particular genre. .

“Mega World,” a 3D virtual world where characters can own homes, throw parties, walk around and more, was officially released on November 2. The game is an evolution of the famous title “MegaCryptoPolis” and combines the social elements with the business aspect of the “MCP”.

Another NFT Play-to-Earn game to watch in November is called “Coin Pirates”. The game is expected to release its beta this month, although a specific date is not yet available.

The game starts from a random point in the world, with each type of ship having a particular radius of visibility. In this game, the higher the level of the ship, the larger its radius, the faster players can spot other ships.

In the hope of increasing his income, Venezuelan Zacary Egea plays the online game NFT Plant vs Undead, in which plants are “grown” to fight zombie-like monsters. Photo credit: AFP / Youri CORTEZ

“By using CPR tokens, all ships can be upgraded by purchasing weapons, upgrading crew skills, upgrading sails, etc.,” the developer explained. “If you cannot get a pack from the secondary market, you will need to purchase a pack from the in-game market for CPR tokens.”

As to how to play “Coin Pirates,” the game developer said, “each player will have their own (blockchain) account name, and under that name they will be identified by other players. installation completed, the player will be dropped off at random in one of the ports. “

“Mines of Dalarnia” is another NFT Play-To-Earn game that has drawn thousands of players even though it hasn’t officially started. It’s a mining adventure game and players race against the clock to dig rare materials in different environments. These exotic materials can then be used to improve players’ abilities and equipment. The native DAR token can be cultivated by staking BUSD or BNB in ​​the Binance Launchpad.

“The Sandbox” is also expected to open its Play-To-Earn economy in November to a much larger audience, according to Play To Earn Online. Although there is no specific date yet, players can test the creations through the downloadable app. The game developer will also be adding SAND rewards and various mechanics to the game this month.

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