Biggest game news of the week: 11/29/21

Sony is preparing a potential competing service for Xbox Game Pass, while the Battlefield The franchise is set to expand the franchise further, in this week’s biggest video game news. Game Rant has compiled some of the biggest news in the game from the past week in a concise post allowing fans and enthusiasts to stay on top of the most important events in the industry every week. Highlighting the most relevant stories, this list is not inherently and completely objective, and will not contain all of this week’s news. Rather, this is for gaming fans who want a quick look at the most important / impactful stories that have happened over the past week in games.


In this week’s game news recap, PlayStation is reportedly preparing a new subscription service that combines PS Plus and PS Now just like Xbox Game Pass for gamers. Raven Software, one of the co-developers of the Call of Duty franchise, reportedly laid off many of its QA staff this week. Hazelight Studios’ It takes two received a copyright strike by Take-Two Interactive due to the apparent similarity of the name. EA brought in Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella to work on expanding the Battlefield franchise. All of that and more in this week’s roundup of the biggest gaming industry news this week.

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PlayStation introduces Xbox Game Pass-style subscription service

equivalent of the playstation xbox game pass

In a Bloomberg report earlier this week, Sony may design a new subscription service to phase out PlayStation Now. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier reports that PlayStation is considering rolling out a new subscription, called “Spartacus,” which will work similarly to Xbox Game Pass. This new service would be split into three tiers, all with different perks like a larger game catalog, game streaming, demos, as well as a backward compatibility version that would include PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. PlayStation’s “Spartacus” would also merge PS Plus and PS Now.

“One-third” of Raven Software’s QA team licensed by Activision

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Activision is reportedly laying off members of its QA team next week at Raven Software, one of the secondary studios working on the Call of Duty franchise. The Black Ops Cold War The co-developer has laid off “a third” of the QA staff, while other existing QA staff are being promoted to full-time positions in the same department. Raven Software and Activision previously announced a salary restructuring for QA following the ongoing Activision-Blizzard controversy. The report also comes a day after Activision recorded $ 1.93 billion in revenue in the last fiscal quarter, resulting from Call of Duty: War Zonecontinued success.

it takes two

Take-Two Interactive has requested a copyright claim against Hazelight Studios regarding It takes two during the weekend. The similarities between the latest co-op adventure game title from Hazelight Studios, compared to publisher 2K as well as Rockstar Games, appear to have prompted Take-Two Interactive to claim copyright earlier this year. Hazelight (and studio editor EA) did not comment on the request, but the studio made the decision to drop the brand for It takes two at present. According to a Eurogamer report, a developer at Hazelight Studios said the team had “hope [the copyright dispute] will be resolved. “

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EA Expands Battlefield Universe, Vince Zampella Head Of Battlefield Franchise

space shuttle launch battlefield 2042

EA intends to make major changes to the Battlefield franchise in the wake of Battlefield 2042the Liberation. Vince Zampella, co-founder of Respawn Entertainment (Apex Legends, Fall of the titans), is now at the head of Battlefield franchise as part of a new initiative for the series. Zampella will explore ways to create a “connected Battlefield universe “alongside existing titles such as Battlefield 2042. While the details of the Battlefield The universe isn’t clear at this time, Zampella explained that this initiative is more focused on spinoffs, likely related to Marcus Lehto’s new Seattle-based studio with EA.

The original Titanfall was taken off the list by Respawn, EA


Apart from Battlefield, Respawn Entertainment has reached an ultimatum with its first franchise. EA and Respawn have made the decision to take the original off the list Fall of the titans digital showcases across all platforms in response to the serious piracy issues plaguing the game’s multiplayer. The Original Fall of the titansMultiplayer servers have been plagued by multiple DDOS and ransomware attacks which have contributed to consistently high and crashed ping servers, making the game virtually unplayable. The announcement prompted an immediate reaction from Fall of the titans fans, asking for a more comprehensive solution rather than removing the game from stores.

Congress presenting legislation to fight bots / scalpers

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Politicians in the United States have introduced legislation to Congress to address the problem of scalpers and dealers. Appropriately named The Stopping Grinch Bots Act, Congress wants to prevent and ban the use of bots to quickly and unfairly purchase goods in demand, forcing consumers to buy from resellers at inflated prices. The bill doesn’t specifically mention next-gen consoles, but likely affects many electronics like the PS5 and Xbox Series X which are scarce due to bots / resellers, as well as the continued shortage of chips. Congressman Paul Tonko, alongside Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Ben Ray Lujan introduced the bill.

Call of Duty: Warzone Introduces New Pacific Caldera Map

cod-war zone-caldera-volcano

The long rumor Call of Duty: War Zone The addition of a Pacific-themed map was officially revealed this week by Activision. Known as the “Caldera”, the Call of Duty: The Vanguard– thematic addition to War zone is slated to launch on December 9, alongside the first season of Call of Duty: The Vanguardthe multiplayer / live service offering of. A final limited-time event will be scheduled to launch War zoneVerdansk card to inaugurate Caldera.

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