Claw Stars Mobile Game Generates Strong Initial Revenue For iCandy Interactive

One of the latest mobile game apps to hit the global market in June generated strong initial revenue growth for owner-developer iCandy Interactive (ASX: HERE).

Claw Stars (originally called Hamstranauts) launched worldwide on June 30 and grossed $ 299,570 in its first 14 days on the market.

The return follows receipt of over a million pre-orders on AppStore and Google Play.

User engagement rates for the game remain high according to iCandy, with a day 3 retention rate standing at 25%.

A January Early Access Trial Star Claw in conjunction with Google Play demonstrated a retention rate of 46% the first day to 18% a week later.

Masks Comparison

The latest figures have been compared to iCandy’s successful product Masketeers: Idle has fallen, which grossed $ 265,000 in the first two weeks and a Day 3 retention rate of 20%.

Single-player gaming saw a relatively lower Early Access trial retention rate of 37% on the first day to 8% on the seventh day.

It also recorded significantly fewer pre-orders than Star Claw.

Masks generated $ 1 million in revenue just 63 days after its October launch, which is the fastest growth ever for an iCandy game.

Retention explained

Daily retention rate is used to measure how engaging and addicting a mobile game can be to its audience.

It seeks to create a standard benchmark for determining the proportion of players who return to a game within a specified time frame after installation.

According to iCandy, retention rates are closely watched by mobile gaming industry analysts as potential early indicators of a game’s future monetization metric.

Interactive game

Star Claw is based on player-to-player interactivity and is the first iCandy game to be multiplayer.

Users can download and play the game for free, with the company generating revenue through in-app purchases and advertising.

iCandy said he was confident Star Claw had the potential to become one of its top performing titles.

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