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Spielworks, a leading blockchain startup specializing in gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, has launched the first season of its Wombat Dungeon Master NFT game.

The release brings new features to multi-channel play, including an equipment management system and character progression mechanics. The first season follows the public beta test, which began on December 15 to see a total of 4,251 unique players log in. immediately.

Spielworks’ Wombat Dungeon Master game brings together a host of NFT games and projects to give players insight into the wider blockchain ecosystem in a fun and engaging way. The first season adds variable duration for dungeon runs, which were still 24 hours in the beta, and brings more RPG elements into the gameplay. Players can now equip their Wombats with various NFT items, such as lamps, hats, and digging tools, before sending them on an NFT treasure hunt in the dungeon, which will grant them the experience points needed to level up.

Items have a direct impact on dungeon effectiveness by increasing the Wombat’s stats. They can boost the mining power of the dungeon, which results in more rewards, increase the amount of experience he would get for running the dungeon, or reduce the time he has to spend in the dungeon. Items vary in level and rarity, and players can combine multiple items of the same type into a single, more powerful one.

To celebrate the launch of Season 1, Spielworks held a Genesis Item Pack Sale. It offered players 50 Diamond and 500 Basic packs containing several items of different rarity levels. All of the packs sold out a second after the sale went live, propelling the Genesis collection into the top five on the WAX ​​blockchain shortly after the event.

The Wombat Dungeon Master is an NFT hunting game with non-fungible tokens created by several projects in partnership with Spielworks. Available on EOS and WAX blockchains, it brings gamers and creators together in an engaging and interactive staking hub that introduces the former to more NFT gaming projects and brings the latter exposure and new users. With its simple mechanics, the project gives users a taste of NFT staking and functions as their gateway to the larger NFT gaming universe built by Spielworks and its partners.

“NFT games are a booming market, and visibility is crucial to sustaining their meteoric rise. Wombat Dungeon Master brings exactly that to the table, while granting more utility to already held NFT players with its staking support. We are excited to see how many players have joined the public beta and we look forward to bringing players more gameplay elements and features in future updates,” said Adrian Krion, CEO of Spielworks.

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