Cookie Run Kingdom May 27, 2022 Update Brings New Cookie, Super Mayhem, and More

New Cookie Run: Kingdom The May 27, 2022 Update is now live and players will find many major changes to the game, such as a new epic cookie (Crispy cookie with nuggets is now available from gachawhereas previously the cookie was only seen as a non-playable character in the Cookie Odyssey scenario), a new level 70 cap for cookies (this means Level 60 is no longer the maximum level for a cookie), and the return of the long-awaited Super Mayhem game mode.

Crispy cookie with nuggets is the newest Epic cookie, and he is the leader of the team that protects the Dark Cacao Kingdom. Although he may have a bit of a temper, Crunchy Chip is still one of the best and most reliable soldiers. He is a Charge class, which means he positions himself at the head of the team.

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This cookie is another summoner cookie (examples of in-game summoners include Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Licorice Cookie, and Cotton Cookie) so this means it can be enhanced by the Seamstress’s Pincushion treasure, which increases the duration and attack of a summoned creature. However, unlike the other Summoner Cookies (which are all Magic or Support class), it belongs to the Charge class, so it will have significantly higher defense and health stats, ensuring better survivability.

The best way to get it is from your own Featured Banner, which lasts for 41 days. There is a 1.44% chance to have him of his banner and a 8.2% chance to get his soul stones. Try to get it at least once, and if you have a lot of saved crystals, you can go ahead and try several copies. Having a lot of copies would allow you to promote it, and having it promoted higher gives you more rewards for its promotion event.

New Feature: Hall of Ancient Heroes

This May 27, 2022 Cookie Run Kingdom update introduces the Hall of Ancient Heroeswhich is a temple that helps improve your cookie statistics.

ancient heroes
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The room features 5 of your highest level cookies, with the lowest of the 5 being your Paragon cookie. This means that if your most dropped cookies right now are level 70, level 66, level 65, level 64, and level 63, the level 63 cookie would be the Paragon cookie.

Empty slots can also be seen in the Hall. Putting a cookie in one of the locations will help them receive the same level as the Paragon cookie. In the example above, you can give the base stats of a level 63 cookie to any other underdeveloped cookie you have. This feature is useful for boosting your lower level cookies without having to spend additional resources, as grinding resources can be tricky, especially for beginners. To unlock more slots you will need to use a new currency called Radiant Shards.

ancient heroes
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Another feature of the room is the Heroic Radiance Statue. The statue can be upgraded from time to time, but you will need to meet the requirements of the statue. Upgrading requires resources, as well as a minimum total of all your cookie levels. Hall of Ancient Heroes boosted levels count towards the needed level value.

However, you should keep in mind that if another event, quest or mission specifies a required cookie level, the game will count the original level of your cookies and ignore the effects of the Hall of Ancient Heroes. To unlock the Hall of Ancient Heroes, you must have cleared Stage 6-15 (in story mode) at least once, and to complete the quests concerning the room.

Super Mayhem: Oath of the Paladin

There have been several updates since the last Great chaotic season, so fans of this game mode would be delighted to find it. Super Mayhem is very similar to Arena, except it forces you to use 3 teams per battle instead of just one. A Grandmaster level has also been added to Super Mayhem, so try pushing for higher rewards!

Super Mayhem Paladin's Oath Cookie Run Kingdom May Update
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While previous seasons had a feature where your teams would carry over to the next round (e.g. if your first team is still alive after defeating the other player’s team, your first team would continue to fight the second team of the opponent), this season has a new rule that only the first teams would fight, then the second teams would fight, whether or not your first team had any health remaining.

The Super Mayhem max speed increased to x2.5whereas previously the highest setting was x1.5. Tropical Soda Islands and Alliance also have x2.5 speed now.

Increased maximum level for cookies: level 70

From now on, level 70 is the new maximum level for your cookies. This means you’ll need to level up your current Arena Cookies as fast as you can to catch up to everyone else! This also means you will deal higher damage to the guild battle dragon so if you are in a high level guild upgrade cookies like sherbet shark, Vampireand Flash would be a priority for you.

Level 70
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Realm level 41 is required to upgrade your cookies to level 65, while level 70 requires realm level 42. Although this may seem intimidating for new players, don’t worry! This update also increased the amount of Jelly XP players get from Cookie Houses, Exploration of the world, fountain of abundanceand Tower of Sweet Chaos, so upgrading your cookies would be easier from now on. Bounty missions will also provide more skill powder.

Other Miscellaneous Features

5 new scenery pieces are added to First steps towards peace, which includes a special interactive decor for Crunchy Chip Cookie. Moreover, the Trims now have an additional filter, where you can sort your toppings by their sub-stats. For example, you can filter which of your toppings have a Cooldown Substat and quickly find a good filling for your cookie. You can choose 3 substats at a time.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run Kingdom update for May 27, 2022? Let us know in the comments below.

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