Daniels takes the chip lead after Day 1 of Event # 6: $ 25,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’em | World Series of Poker 2021

The first No-Limit Hold’em High Roller event kicked off today at World Series of Poker 2021 with Event # 6: $ 25,000 High Roller NLHE kick off in the afternoon. A total of 135 entries were recorded on day 1, and Jake daniels dominated the remaining 54 players, holding the chip lead with 1,182,000 in chips.

Daniels had a brilliant end to the day, accumulating the majority of his chips in the last two levels of the evening. It started out as an innocent hand, but quickly turned into the biggest pot of the day when Daniels collided with Eric Worre. Worre check-raise on the flop, bet on the turn and all-in on the river, receiving a call from Daniels all the way. Worre bluffed a small pair, and Daniels held the top pair to win the pot.

Moments later, Daniels eliminated Daniel Negreanu in a toss when pretty much everything seemed to be going in Daniels’ direction. It wasn’t until recently that Daniels joined the high-roller scene, but has since been in tears with several catwalks that have resulted in six-figure salaries. Over the past two years, Daniels has racked up nearly all of his $ 2.1 million in career earnings.

Other big stacks to join Daniels at the top of the leaderboard include Michael liang (1,028,000), James chen (835,000), Jake schindler (667,000), and Clayton kalisek (610,000). The field was littered with big names and former WSOP bracelet winners, some of whom will return for Day 2 and others not. Notably, Michel addamo burnt his two balls today, so he won’t be looking for another WSOP title and another big payday.

Michael Addamo eliminated on Day 1

As usual in these high-stakes tournaments, there was plenty of action to start the day, although the players started with 150 big blinds. In the first hand of the day, Brian Altman found his full stack in the middle, but his opponent reluctantly put his hand down. Altman continued this momentum throughout the day, but slowed down in later stages.

There will be at least 54 returning players for Day 2 tomorrow, which starts at 2 p.m. local time. Late registrations remain open until the start of the game, and there will likely be a wave of late registrations in the Amazon room in the hopes of receiving a share of the prize pool.

The blinds resume at 5,000 / 10,000 and 10,000 big blind ante, and all new starting stacks will start with 150,000 in chips. The day’s program features 60-minute levels with a dinner break after six levels. The game will end once the final table is reached, and these players will return on day 3 of the tournament.

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