Dark Souls Fan Creates Firelink Shrine Map For Tabletop Games

In an attempt to bring Dark Souls into the world of tabletop gaming, a fan designs a map descending from the game’s Firelink Shrine.

While the original version of Demonic Souls succeeded in turning heads in the direction of FromSoftware, the argument could easily be made that dark souls was the start of the developer’s success. Sporting just the right amount of death penalty, hidden traps and enemies around every corner, and some boss fights so difficult that players point to them with awe and reverence, dark souls defined a whole new genre of gaming with its hit called Soulslike.

Although the game is full of memorable locations, such as dark souls‘ ever-changing city of Anor Londo, perhaps the most memorable of these was the central area of ​​the game. Called Firelink Shrine, this location is literally a link between each of the game’s main areas, providing players with paths that lead , descend and move to different places. This gives players a sense of exploration each time they leave the hub, as well as a sense of safety and home when they return.


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In recent years, efforts have been made by fans of the series to bring dark souls in other areas of the game. For example, a dark souls A board game with miniature figures was created, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the game in a physical rather than a virtual sense. On the same note, another fan recently created a tabletop version of the Firelink Shrine, allowing Dungeons and dragons playthroughs plus other tabletop games to jump into the classic dark souls world.

Reddit user WithThePowerToMelt is the creator of the table map, crediting his Patreon in the post and giving a link to download the map for free. The map is immediately striking for fans of dark souls and Dungeons and Dragons; it’s a perfect top-down map from Firelink Shrine, and the art style and nature of the map will be instantly recognizable to regular tabletop game players. Like a perfect balance of dark souls Estus Flasks, the card is a perfect balance between dark souls and J&D.

Other Reddit users were blown away by the map, congratulating WithThePowerToMelt. One user indicated that he would definitely use the card in his next tabletop session. Other users have shared their stories of adopting game franchises into their tabletop sessions as well as creating custom rules to suit their style. Another user noted that the style of the card is actually very similar to Ring of Eldencard design.

However dark souls was released over a decade ago, its legacy has endured long after its release. As Ring of Elden continues to impress players with bosses like Margit, dark souls continues its own legacy by branching out into the world of tabletop games.

Dark Souls: Remastered is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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