Dentsu Gaming Report Reveals Australian Gamer Habits

Dentsu has released new research which shows that gambling is a fundamental human activity, with more than 70% of Australian gamers playing weekly or more often.

The discoveries in the For game report represent an opportunity for brands to connect with highly engaged communities.

In Australia, there are 17 million people who play games, and according to the new dentu For game report26% of them play daily, 45% every week and the remaining 29% still play monthly.

The trend is global, with gambling becoming even more prevalent over the past two years due to lifestyle changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. The report reveals that 34% of gamers worldwide play daily and 46% weekly in the markets studied: Japan, United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Australia.

It’s important to note that the brands considering the game to reach consumers are people of all generations who are used to it.

Globally, among Gen Z gamers, 37% play daily and 47% weekly, while among Millennials the levels are 34% and 49%, respectively. Among Gen X gamers, 33% play daily and 45% weekly, while for baby boomers the numbers are 35% and 39% accordingly.

The 43-page report identified and explored six new gaming archetypes for brands, along with their typical behaviors and motivations in different parts of the real and virtual world.

The report is part of the international launch of dentu’s new proprietary gaming data and insights capabilities, which merge data from the Densu Consumer Connection System (CSS) research agreement with the company’s specialized gaming data. GWI market research in nine markets: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States.

Dentsu studied areas such as gambling interest and intensity of practice to identify six gambling segments, each with different motivations behind why they gamble, gambling behaviors and media uses.

Chris Bower
, CEO of dentsu solutions, said, “The days of stereotypical demographics of gamers to target are over. Just about everyone plays games, and they play a lot – 3.5 billion people are expected to be gamers by 2025 and the industry already generates nearly double the global indoor and home entertainment revenue. But they’re engaging with the game in different ways, introducing new targetable segments and multiple ways for brands to get in the game.

“The launch of this report and Densu’s gaming capability continues Dentu’s 35-year gaming legacy that began in Japan. We know gamers better than anyone, and we can help brands capture this explosive growth in audience, to explore what gaming can look like to them and how it fits into a wider Web 3.0 and metaverse strategy.

GWI’s flagship study represents more than two billion people worldwide, highlighting how consumers are changing their behaviors. GWI’s game data reveals players in great detail, and now, with its full integration into CCS, Densu’s proprietary audience insights tool, it can bolster its efforts to create the love of the brand through fandoms; helping game publishers and brands connect more authentically with consumers to be part of the gaming culture.

Specifically, this new CCSxGWI merger means brands can now access high-fidelity portraits of gamers that encompass lifestyle and media-related attitudes and behaviors (e.g. shopping routines, passions and hobbies, media consumption) as well as deep-rooted gaming habits (e.g. genres and games played, in-game purchases, gaming session durations, motivations).

This exclusive CCSxGWI fusion opens up a new depth of information directly available for strategy, planning and activation to connect more effectively with players.

This new CCSxGWI data and information is exclusive to the dentsu game, which is accessible through dentsu’s production, creative, CXM, and media agencies worldwide, including Carat, dentsu X, iProspect, dentsu Creative, Merkle, and the dentsu Network Japan.

Launched a year ago, dentsu’s global gaming solution provides access to specialized strategy, activation and original intellectual property (IP) development for brands looking to connect and navigate the gaming ecosystem.

In the spirit of all things gaming, the dentsu team even created a mini-arcade style game to play as a gateway to downloading the new report from tooth games.

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