Despite Deshaun Watson’s absence, Browns set for winning record

Without Deshaun Watson, how will the Browns fare in the first 11 games?

For the first time in what seems like forever, as a new season approaches, there isn’t much buzz surrounding the Cleveland Browns, as they aren’t attracting much national media coverage or hype. media.

Clearly, Deshaun Watson has been the center of the team’s attention since the day they acquired him, but in terms of expectations for the season, there doesn’t seem to be anyone outside of it. organization.

If I’m the Browns, I’m extremely happy. To be surrounded by talk and big names in recent years with little to no accomplishments to show, it must be refreshing to enter a new season where only the guys in the locker room know what they expect from each other on Sunday. .

Although he was deprived of his new franchise quarterback for 11 games to start the season, I think people will be pleasantly surprised by Jacoby Brissett because he is a proven leader who is able to get the job done when his name is called.

So how many wins can the Browns have without Watson?

First four games: 3-1

In Carolina, against the New York Jets, against Pittsburgh, in Atlanta, that’s how the first four games of the season went for the Browns.

If Cleveland is to have a shot at making the playoffs this season, going 3-1 in their first four seems like a must to me at this point. Their schedule becomes quite difficult for a good part of the season, so they have to make sure they win the games they are “supposed” to.

Four-game second set: 2-2

This is where things get pretty tough for Cleveland, making things a bit more complicated. The next four opponents are as follows; against the Chargers, against the Patriots, against the Ravens, against the Bengals.

I understand the NFL is a quarterback league, trust me. The Browns understand that too, explaining why they came out and gave Watson $230 million guaranteed.

Even with Brissett, this team is poised to win now. They have so many young talents and so many guys locked in for years to come, so their window is now.

Personally, I’m sick of seeing the “another lost year” narrative when it comes to this season. Brissett doesn’t turn the ball around much, and that’s all they need while they wait for Watson to arrive.

Take the 49ers for example. Jimmy Garoppolo is a bit better than Brissett, but overall they’re similar in that they’re not crazy or flashy. They’re both capable of making the throws they need at all times, and they just don’t turn the ball over.

Thinking about that and realizing that the 49ers were one game away from the Super Bowl last season may change your thinking a bit.

Look at last season. If Baker Mayfield doesn’t throw four interceptions on Christmas in Green Bay, Cleveland wins this game. If they have a skilled quarterback who can move the ball down the field, they win the Ravens game, the one where Lamar Jackson turned the ball over four times. The Browns went 2-0 against the Super Bowl Bengals last season with Mayfield and Case Keenum.

Even though this set of games looks brutal, they can manage to squeeze two wins out of it, putting them 5-3 ahead of the bottom three.

Last three: 1-2

In Miami, Buffalo and against Tampa Bay, these are the last three games without Watson.

To the naked eye, that might look like three automatic losses for a team waiting to reunite with their franchise quarterback on the field. However, they may manage to take one before it arrives.

Miami is probably the most likely of the three teams, but anything can happen. Again, this is the NFL, and while you need a great QB, not making mistakes and doing your job always gives you a chance to win games in this league.

Anything can happen, as we all know. The Browns haven’t won their season opener since 2004. Now is the time for them to change that, and

9/11 can’t come soon enough.

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