Disney Mirrorverse Guardian Tier List for May 2022

Disney’s Mirror Universe is an exciting crossover play a role game that will allow you to join all the heroes of Disney Universe in a long journey to fight against all the villains of Disney Universe. You will begin your journey by forming a three-member team that will accompany you in defeating enemies. In this tier list, we’ll give players an overview of Disney Mirrorverse characters worth grinding and the top-recommended Guardian players might want to add to the roster.

In the game, in addition to your enemies, you sometimes have to face your own friends who have been manipulated by evil witches Grand Vizier Jafar and Evil Queen. Having a good overview of your hero’s abilities and their effect on battle is essential for you to determine which guardian to add to your team. Therefore, we will give you a list of Disney Mirrorverse levels and the best recommended heroes.

Disney Mirrorverse Guardian Tier List for May 2022

In this tier list there will be 4 levels (S, A, B, C) and we’ll give you the best recommended hero you can add to your team. Moreover, there will also be suggested top recommended heroes for you to try in your roster to complete the quest in no time.

Stage Guardians
Strong (S) Merida,
Jack Sparrow,
mickey mouse,
Hiro Hamada
Although a) baymax,
Medium (B) Mike Wazowski,
minnie the mouse,
Low (C) Tinker Bell,
Captain Hook,

The picks below are the best heroes worth farming and leveling up to their max levels. The effect of their presence in battle is the factor that makes these heroes recommended to add to your roster. Here we will give a good overview of the recommended characters.

Jack Sparrow

Image via Kabam Games

Jack Sparrow Is reliable Support and surprisingly, you can acquire Jack for free once you complete main story chapters 2-5. Jack can heal his teammates while negating their debuff effect, making him the support you’ll need most in every situation.

mickey mouse

mickey mouse disney mirrorverse-min
Image via Kabam Games

mickey mouse is a wide range keeper this will help you deal with enemies from a distance. Mickey can stun enemies which will help your melee keeper finish them off in close combat. Additionally, as a support companion like Jack Sparrow, he can heal multiple teammates and grant them a mirror shield that will boost all of their abilities.

White as snow

mirrorverse disney snow white-min
Image via Kabam Games

White as snow is one of strongest melee guards in Disney Mirrorverse due to its ability to deal massive physical damage to enemies. She is also immune to poison, while her attack will deal damage to them.


mulan disney mirrorverse-min
Image via Kabam Games

Mulane is a reliable scrum keeper who has the ability to resist physical damage due to her ability to increase her defense stats, making her suitable to become a tank in your team, so you can put another damage dealer. Additionally, she can attack multiple enemies with her special move.


merida disney mirrorverse-min
Image via Kabam Games

Merida is a suitable range keeper for beginners, especially with its speed attack, which will eliminate enemies in no time while keeping its distance while on the other hand, its special moves will stun enemies capable of making a combo with your melee guardian.

Final Thoughts

Having proper training is essential to clearing the Disney Mirrorverse in no time. However, it is also essential for you to have a suitable hero with great abilities and ensure your victory just by their presence. However, you can also create your own experience by having different formations and different heroes at each stage to determine which comfort heroes will accompany you until the end of your journey.

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