Enigma Gaming vs. Velocity Gaming: Skyesports Pro Invitational Valorant 2.0

With some of the best rosters in Valorant in India and beyond, Skyesports Pro Invitational 2.0 will soon crown the top performing team. The event will conclude on August 30 with the Grand Finals, one of whose contenders will be determined by today’s top bracket final match.

Velocity Gaming will take on Enigma Gaming in a best-of-three match, with the winner earning a direct spot in the Grand Finals. The loser will always have a chance to come back by winning the lower endgames.

Velocity Gaming and Enigma Gaming showcased some of the best playstyles from previous Valorant tournaments. It will be fun for fans to watch these two teams challenge each other with their intriguing strategies. After all, impossible clutches in close quarters are exciting to see.

Enigma Gaming vs Velocity Gaming: Who will win the Skyesports Pro Invitational Upper Final Valorant game?

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As two of India’s top Valorant teams prepare for the clash, fans are wondering who will end up taking the cake. That said, it’s pretty hard to predict the outcome of Valorant’s endless possibilities in pro-play.

The last showdown between Enigma Gaming and Velocity Gaming was at TEC Challengers Series 8, where the former beat the veteran roster in the Grand Finals. It will be interesting to see how the teams prepare for the Skyesports Pro Invitational 2.0 Superior Finals, which will be Velocity’s chance to avenge their loss.

Below, this article will predict the outcome of today’s top final through direct comparisons and recent results.


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Velocity and Enigma show immense potential to give each other a hard time in today’s Superior Finals. The teams are deserving contenders in every way, and both are equally capable enough to lift the trophy.

That said, Enigma Gaming is currently at its peak, beating all the competition in its own way. They went undefeated in the tournament and dominated Velocity in previous tournaments.

Velocity also presented quite a challenge to the teams they faced, remaining undefeated in Skyesports Pro Invitational 2.0 like Enigma. But the Antidote-led team should have a slight advantage over Velocity, given their recent form.

Direct comparison

Head-to-Head Comparison Part 1 (Image via Vlr.gg)
Head-to-Head Comparison Part 1 (Image via Vlr.gg)

Enigma has faced Velocity several times, and the latter has prevailed over the former in most scenarios. They have met 20 times and Velocity have won 15 of the matchups.

Head-to-Head Comparison Part 2 (Image via Vlr.gg)
Head-to-Head Comparison Part 2 (Image via Vlr.gg)

In direct comparison, Velocity has a clear advantage over Enigma in the upcoming Valorant game.

Recent results

Enigma Gaming emerged victorious from the TEC Challengers Series 8 Grand Finals held recently against Velocity Gaming. That said, the latter defeated Enigma in a previous Superior match. Therefore, the competition seems even when it comes to recent head-to-head results.

Recent Results (Image via Vlr.gg)
Recent Results (Image via Vlr.gg)

Enigma and Velocity are in equal form in Valorant esports when it comes to recent results.

Potential lineups

Velocity game

  • Debanjan “KILL DEAD” Das
  • mohit “mw1” Wakele
  • Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant
  • Sagnik “whore” Roy
  • Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma

puzzle game

  • Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose
  • Karan “Excali” Mhaswadkar
  • Tejas “Roxy” Kotian
  • Rishi “RvK” Vijayakumar
  • Akram “believed” Virani

where to watch

Fans around the world can watch the thrilling Valorant match live on YouTube and Rooter. It is scheduled to start at 1:00 p.m. on August 28 and will be broadcast in English, Hindi and Punjabi.

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