Envy Gaming just changed its name to OpTic Gaming

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Envy Gaming is no more, as OpTic Gaming officially becomes the organization’s brand name going forward

OpTic Gaming President Hector “Hecz” Rodrigues announced on a podcast with Chief Gaming Officer Mike “Hastro” Rufail that the Envy Gaming name is now absorbed into OpTic Gaming.

Envy Gaming and OpTic Gaming merged in November 2021 and created the Call of Duty OpTic Texas team. Based in Dallas, Envy was originally founded as a professional Call of Duty team in 2007.

By creating teams for titles such as Rocket League, Counter-Strike, Gears of War, Halo, League of Legends and Valorant, Envy has established itself as one of the largest esports organizations in the world.

After years of success, Rufail thinks it’s time to “put Envy aside for now” and pour all of the organization’s resources into OpTic.

Envy Gaming retires its name and logo

Optic Texas

OpTic and Envy merged and created OpTic Texas in 2021.

Rufail announced that it was his decision to “remove” the Envy name and logo. All Envy teams in addition to its Overwatch team, the Dallas Fuel, will be renaming their logo and name to OpTic Gaming.

Envy’s Rocket League team will adopt the OpTic name, and the Super Smash Bros. Melee Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett is now OpTic Wizzrobe.

Behind the decision to retain the Dallas Fuel brand, Rufail said the Dallas Fuel brand was “rooted in the Overwatch community.”

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The Chief Gaming Officer said: “When we merged our companies, we had this idea of ​​taking our two brands and doing things with them and continuing to do the same things that we’ve always done, but continuing to do them. develop.”

Rufail hasn’t ruled out the possibility of doing something with the Envy brand in the future, but he believes it’s the right move to help the organization “survive” and eliminate any confusion for potential investors or sponsors. .

The Chief Gaming Officer said: “We still own the brand and could still potentially do something in the future if we want to, but it made so much more sense for me to put all of our resources into OpTic because that’s where that we are really going. to grow our business and that’s a fact.

Rufail thanked Envy fans on Twitter for their support over the years.

Hastro teases new OpTic Rocket League skins and potential CSGO return

Hecz and Rufail are unable to confirm details yet, but Rufail hinted at the arrival of the OpTic Rocket league skins.

Rufail said: “These OpTic cars also look like fire. The cars are going to be in the game and they look sick.

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Envy acquired a CSGO team in 2015 and the organization had a memorable run until it disbanded in 2021. OpTic soon had a CSGO team, but it abruptly disbanded in 2019.

The games director hinted at a potential return to CSGO saying, “Bringing the Optic brand into new territory is something we’re looking at and maybe taking some of these other games like Counterstrike. we both miss it.

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