EPOS gaming headsets are built for victory

When you’ve tested many gaming headsets over the years, there isn’t much that might surprise you. But the latest line from the Danish audio company EPIC has put far more thought and research into human hearing and the listening experience than we’re generally used to – with a series of practical and intriguing innovations designed to help your cognitive functions and enhance your listening sessions. game and your performance

Key to the EPOS H6PRO and EPOS H3PRO Hybrid is something the company has called “EPOS BrainAdapt™”. It’s not about one particular feature or technology, but about a group of pioneering technologies that work together to improve cognitive performance that encompasses EPOS’ ethos to improve its audio products – a scientific approach that considers how humans hear audio – or rather, how brains treat audio.

EPOS has taken the right steps in its latest headphones to ensure that the process of allowing your brain to process sound is as simple and efficient as possible. The result is that when used for gaming, EPOS headsets attempt to reduce the amount of friction and mental fatigue caused by your brain translating this audio information, allowing you to process it faster and easier. By minimizing mental fatigue, EPOS headsets unleash gamers’ brain capacity to spend 35% less listening effort and give you 10% more memory.

It definitely feels like complete magic at first, but when you break down the tangible ideas behind EPOS BrainAdapt down, it starts to make a lot of sense.

The Science Behind Listening

Driving the data that is formed EPOS BrainAdapt™ is the owner of EPOS – the Demant global hearing technology group. Drawing on over a decade of psychoacoustic research conducted by the Demant Group, EPOS has the data on how and when the brain works best – and designs audio solutions with unique algorithms and acoustics to provide the best conditions for the brain.

The academic research center focuses on studying all aspects of how humans hear – things like personalized audiology (understanding the different personal hearing needs between individuals), intent-based hearing (how your brain can focus on a sound) and compensation for auditory intent and effort. (understand the cognitive processes that lead to auditory fatigue). Needless to say, Demant knows a lot about how people hear.

The benefit for the end user is that EPOS-based BrainAdapt headsets The technology is better suited to support the way the human brain processes sound and improve your cognitive performance. After all, the ears are just the entry point for sound – your brain is what actually translates it for you.

EPOS claims that by focusing their technologies on optimizing brain performance, they have been able to create innovative and genuinely useful headsets, like the H3PRO Hybrid and H6PROwhich results in faster reaction time, better in-game decision-making, and better communication.

EPOS BrainAdapt in practice

So what does this science and methodology actually look like in a product?

One feature at a time EPOS H6PRO and EPOS H3PRO hybrid headsets (wired and wireless models, respectively), is that the high-quality soundstage is tuned more conducive to your brain absorbing audio information quickly.

These headphones keep the mid frequencies relatively flat, with the reasoning that the human brain is very sensitive to sounds at these ranges and even small changes perceived by our listening system. The goal is to ensure that the player’s brain doesn’t expend energy processing artificial audio by making it as natural to the brain as possible.

There is a reduction in the high mids and highs as they can be a bit shrill and harsh to listen to compared to the low frequencies, and quickly lead to listening fatigue. EPOS headsets attempt to create the most natural sound profile possible so your brain experiences less cognitive load, less fatigue and improves your in-game performance.

The physical design of the headphones also plays a role, particularly in terms of the shape of the ear cups and the role they play in passive noise attenuation.

The EPOS H6PRO, for example, has its ear cups designed so that the speaker plates are angled to avoid pressure and contact with parts of the ears that might otherwise cause discomfort. The thick memory foam earpads not only provide comfort and spacing for your ear, but also provide a good seal for working together. with the earpiece to provide the right balance between game sound and the outside world. Your ears won’t be completely trapped in cacophonous chambers, but it’s still easy to hear and process the details of the audio.

EPOS Gaming Headsets

Wireless EPOS H3PRO Hybrid also has the advantage of active noise cancellation which is designed to remove low frequency amplification from the environment or vibrations produced by your skull when you speak. ANC will reduce those low frequencies and relieve your brain of eliminating that noise and make it easier for you to follow a conversation. Additionally, it will improve your pronunciation of words, as you will be able to hear yourself more clearly and sound more natural.

With the headphone design and its acoustic seal eliminating ambient noise, the H3PRO Hybrid offers an immersive experience of enhanced noise cancellation.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a game room all to yourself, you can also achieve that more natural sound (along with the ability to hear the world around you) with the open acoustic model of the EPOS H6PRO. Open-back headphones don’t have to deal with the problem of sound bouncing around inside an earbud, of course, and are a more cost-effective option if you can’t splash out for active noise cancellation. Plus, the design also lets you hear your own voice when chatting, instead of having to hear it through the headphones, and will generally keep your ears cooler and more comfortable for longer.

Smart technology, smart design

Tech aside, there’s a lot to be said for the smart, mature style of the EPOS headsets. The earcups are connected to the headset headband on a two-axis hinge and work wonders to help with a good fit, as well as long-term comfort.

EPOS Gaming Headsets

We’re also big fans of the EPOS headsets’ large, ergonomic volume wheel, located on the right earcup. It’s incredibly natural to make volume adjustments without even thinking about it. It’s like turning the big volume dial on a hi-fi stereo system – satisfying in itself, and an infinitely better solution than searching and fumbling for physical volume adjustment knobs – a common solution on other headphones .

Another notable feature of the EPOS H6PRO and EPOS H3PRO hybrid are the high quality boom mics. These mute when you lift them, of course. But what’s really nice is that the microphone is magnetically attached to both models and can be easily removed and then replaced with an included cap. On the H3PRO Hybrid you will also find a second microphone on the ear cup which can be used when the boom is detached. It allows you to use EPOS headsets like regular headphones without looking weird, which means they are a good solution for gaming and other games.

That’s especially good since both models, in addition to being available in black and white finishes, come in an attractive racing green and gold color option with a chrome finish. It just looks cool. It’ll make you feel like a mecha pilot and has a touch of national significance if you’re Australian – in fact, Australia’s Commonwealth Games esports team donned these same helmets.

EPOS Gaming Headsets

But style aside, sound is really what matters, and EPOS takes a very smart approach to improving its headsets for real, human use. Hearing and listening shouldn’t be an exhausting process for your brain, so giving you the easiest audio processing experience possible, without compromising audio quality, should be a no-brainer for your personal comfort and long-term well-being. . The fact that they will also give you an edge in competitive games is also welcome.

EPOS H3PRO hybrid and the H6PRO are available for purchase now, with the H6PRO being available in closed back and open back models. Aussies can buy them from JB Hi-Fi.

Buyers can also purchase both models on the EPOS website.

This article is brought to you by EPOS.

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