Famous TikToker’s ‘Squid Game’ Home Light Show is Scary

Halloween home decorations are sure to stop visitors in their tracks.

A New Hampshire teenager turned TikTok famous for his incredible home lighting displays set up his family home to perform a spooky “Squid Game” scene with a heartbreaking sound of gunfire for this spooky Halloween season.

Justin Holt, an 18-year-old high school student and tech expert from Manchester, New Hampshire, converted his house and front yard to show the spooky robotic girl from the hit Korean thriller overlooking his neighborhood. This time, she’s playing a terrifying version of the red light, green light with everyone who walks past the suburban house everyday.

With “Squid Game” guards lit in the windows, the screen first lights up green as the creepy killer robot has its head turned back to the screen, only to quickly change to red as it rushes forward shouting “red light!” just before white lights flash with gunshots.

Inspiration? Holt thought “Squid Game” was cool.

“We don’t usually do a Halloween show, but I saw ‘Squid Game’ about two weeks ago and loved it,” he told The Post.

Holt’s elaborate display – which was quickly crowned the country’s best Halloween house by commentators on his TikTok – doesn’t take a lot of experience to create, according to the teenage computer programming and coding ace .

“It’s actually quite simple to do,” he said. “It just costs a lot of money.”

About $ 20,000 to be exact.

Much of that high bill is covered by Holt’s family, who have been doing elaborate light shows since 2005 in their former Texas home – but thanks to their son’s success and 1.2 million followers on the app. of social media, he contributes a lot now as well.

The spooky red light and green light scene from “Squid Game” inspired an elaborate light show for Halloween.
TikTok / @ justinthelightguy

Since Holt’s channel of light shows @JustinTheLightGuy – a page he started just for fun with the “Minecraft” and “Fortnite” screens – went viral last year, he’s been able to earn around 10 $ 000 in sponsorships, money he will invest in future shows, says Holt.

They got so complex that Holt spends around 500 hours to properly program the lights and his dad takes around 100 hours to build the screens and bezels for the lights that stay on all year round, he said.

The scary scene of red light and green light of "Squid game" inspired an elaborate Halloween light show.
Holt’s house has become a TikTok icon for its wild and crazy displays.

“I really wasn’t trying to go viral, but now that I did, TikTok trends have become a big part of screen design. I got a lot of recognition for it now, our house has become the “TikTok house”.

While the current Halloween “Squid Game” setup is very intense, Holt tends to let loose and have more fun during his busy Christmas season.

“Seeing happy kids after the horror of last year is really the reason I did it. So many people went through such difficult times and I could see how it made them feel. good. “

True to that fun spirit, Holt plans to have trick-or-treaters play the red light and green light game to win some candy this Halloween.

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