FanDuel Single-Game Daily Fantasy Basketball Helper: Celtics at Heat (5/29/22)

In a traditional NBA FanDuel roster, you have a $60,000 salary cap to field nine players. The salary cap is the same in the single-game setup, but the lineup requirements are different.

You select five players from any position. One of your players will be your MVP, whose FanDuel points will be doubled. You also choose a STAR player (whose production is multiplied by 1.5) and a PRO (multiplied by 1.2). Two UTIL players complete the roster, and they do not receive a multiplier for their production.

This makes the five players you select essential in more ways than one; you need to focus on inserting the best games into the multiplier slots rather than just nailing the best overall games in the game.

Read this article by Brandon Gdula for a great in-depth analysis on how to attack a single play roster in NBA DFS.

Celtics Heat Overview

Crew Default total WHERE Spread
MIA 96.5 195.5 2.5
BOS 99 195.5 -2.5

Distribution of players

At the top

Jimmy Butler ($16,000): After a fantastic 83.8 performance in Game 6, Butler’s FanDuel salary rose 6.7% to a May high. In 207 minutes of this series, the offensive leader of Miami is averaging 1.32 FanDuel points and 0.51 shot attempts.

Jayson Tatum ($15,500): The Celtics stud forward is numberFire’s third ranked value option with a 3.05 rating and a FanDuel point projection of 47.2. The 24-year-old showed off his versatile skills against a tough Miami defense, producing 0.62 actual points, 0.13 assists and 0.20 rebounds per minute.

Jaylen Brown ($14,000): In 115.86 minutes while playing on the Miami court this series, Brown had 0.96 FanDuel points and 0.45 field goal attempts.


Al Horford ($13,000): Despite inconsistent actual scores, Horford still averages 0.90 FanDuel points in a 180-minute sample. The Boston big man currently ranks fifth overall with a fantastic expectation of 32.7.

Kyle Lowry ($12,000): NumberFire’s second ranked guard with a 27.9 FanDuel point expectation. In 35.8 projected minutes. The Miami veterans’ expectation per minute includes 0.31 actual points, 0.11 rebounds and 0.18 assists.

Bam Adebayo ($11,000): After taking a 12% pay cut to his lowest point in this series, Adebayo stands as Sunday’s highest value option with a 3.59 rating and a fantastic 39.5 projection. In 215 playoff minutes against Boston, the Heat center is averaging 0.83 FanDuel points, 0.37 true points and 0.22 rebounds.

Smart Marcus ($10,500): At his second-lowest salary, Smart is an intriguing option after a 12.5% ​​drop in his FanDuel salary. In 141 postseason minutes against a Miami unit allowing 41.1 FanDuel points per game at the point guards, Smart produced 0.93 fantasy points, 0.15 rebounds and 0.18 assists.


Derrick White ($9,500): In 75.66 minutes when playing a second unit role in this series, White is averaging 1.10 FanDuel points, 0.31 shot attempts and 0.47 true points.

Max Strus ($8,500): After a 10.5% pay cut, Strus is numberFire’s fifth ranked guard by value with a 2.16 rating.

Grant Williams ($8,000): The 23-year-old Celtics forward recorded 0.54 FanDuel points per minute in a role behind Robert Williams and Al Horford in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Victor Oladipo ($7,500): numberFire’s second most face value option among guards with a 2.32 rating and 18.2 fantasy expectation in projected 19.9 minutes.

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