Far Cry 6 benchmarks highlight potential game processor optimization issues

With just two days until Far Cry 6’s October 7 release date, players around the world are using the recently revealed System Requirements For Far Cry 6 to prepare their gaming PCs for the coming revolution. Unfortunately, DSOG the benchmarks may have highlighted a major issue with the game’s PC port. The issue stems from the way the game uses threads on a processor, causing the CPU to become a performance bottleneck while that the GPU remains underutilized.

The three benchmarks in the DSOG video show that the game runs on the Ultra graphics preset with V-Sync turned off, allowing for an uncapped frame rate with the only difference in the settings being resolution. The test system consists of an Intel i9-9900K, 16 GB of RAM, and one of the best graphics cards available: an Nvidia RTX 3080.

In the 4K test, the GPU usage is mostly 99%, which is normal. However, when the resolution is lowered to 1440p or 1080p, there is a noticeable decrease in GPU usage and one of the 16 CPU threads, namely ‘CPU14’, turns out to be working much harder than the test. 4K and compared to the other son.

The octa-core i9-9900K might not be one of the best gaming processors out there considering its age, but it certainly isn’t left out and is more than capable of handling workloads. intense play. While it is normal to see the CPU usage increase as the frame rate increases, this is usually only relevant when increasing the frames per second to support high refresh rates like 120Hz. The fact that Far Cry 6’s lower resolution from 1440p to 1080p only resulted in a simple 2 fps increase from 77 to 79 is unusual and could indicate an optimization issue.

It is possible that the game benchmark is not indicative of real world performance and these issues can be mitigated by simply dropping the game settings from the “Ultra” preset to “High”. That said, we won’t be able to verify these results or provide any setting recommendations to enable all of Far Cry 6’s exclusive PC settings until we perform our own testing.

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