Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth needs to get off the rails

Final Fantasy is doing well at the moment. Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will begin his quest to redo all the Final Fantasy 7 Compilation in classic form later this year. In winter, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will bring the PSP spin-off to modern platforms with many new improvements. Shortly after, the Final Fantasy 15 developer Luminous Productions will release their next game, Speakwho shares FF15the vision of a reality-based fantasy. In the summer of 2023, the forecasts Final Fantasy 16 will come out from trusted developers behind Final Fantasy 14and next winter will see the release of Final Fantasy 7 Revival.


Despite being the furthest title, Final Fantasy 7 Revival generates rivaling hype Final Fantasy 16. The main reason for this is that the game is the second title in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy. Fans are deeply invested in the direction this series is taking, as the first entry, Final Fantasy 7 Remakewas to expand the original part of Midgar until it was able to transform into new material. FF7 Rebirth should go even further by introducing new elements to the classic Final Fantasy 7 story, while simultaneously updating and expanding all the parts of the original game that fans remember. After so many installations in FF7 remake, Renaissance must ensure that it delivers the new story it promised.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can’t be the same game anymore

What fans know Final Fantasy 7 Revival is that it will probably start with the flashback from Nibelheim to Kalm. The game will not be an open world title and may retain the chapter-based structure of FF7 remake. However, FF7 Rebirth will also copy the wide linear approach as the original FF7 took. After the rigidly structured Midgar, players had the chance to wander the fields and visit several locations on their way to the next story beat. The ability to explore most of the map only becomes available after Cid’s storyline in Rocket Town, at which point the party can use a seaworthy Tiny Bronco to explore the surface of the ocean.

Final Fantasy 7 Revival will likely use the same formula, but whether players will actually be able to sail around the ocean is another matter. While it’s possible, things could just as easily be rearranged so that the player continues to follow a linear path through the game world. beaten track. If the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy gets a world map, it will probably only appear after players earn an airship in the third title. Meanwhile, Square Enix has said that while it intends to adapt each location in the original FF7he is willing to change the order of events to better suit the new narrative. FF7 Rebirth will likely be when this redesign begins.

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There’s a lot to follow about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

That’s a good thing, because there’s a lot of new material that Final Fantasy 7 Revival should have to work with. As FF7 remake remake the world of FF7, Renaissance signals its transformation into a new entity. FF7 remake concluded with a physical metaphor of the original FF7the script is dying, so Renaissance must be significantly different from the original game. It will start with small things: the characters, especially Cloud and Aerith, should notice that things don’t seem quite right. Zack’s existence will likely be hinted at much sooner, along with visions of Aerith’s iconic death. Sephiroth will actively derail the party the entire time, and the mystery of his new goals will haunt the heroes for much of their journey.

There are a number of other notable characters who Final Fantasy 7 Revival will have to address. Yuffie will likely join the party early in the game, and her backstory and motivations will be more organically integrated into the plot. It’s not a big change, but the surviving members of the Avalanche offer a lot more opportunities than that. Characters that were originally confined to Midgar may begin to spread across the world. An amnesiac Jessie could show up at the Gold Saucer to fulfill her dream of becoming a dancer, or Biggs and Wedge could end up working with other anti-Shinra groups. It’s also unclear what the Turks, Shinra executives, or Deepground might do while everything else happens.

Hand from Remake Trilogy will be shown in FF7 Rebirth

However, this is all small fry compared to what FF7 remake the trilogy is truly capable of. With the introduction of a second timeline where Zack survived, there could be another side adventure to the main game. FF7 Rebirth could be interspersed with cutaways to a version of FF7 featuring Zack, similar to how Final Fantasy 8 took care of the history of Laguna. He could be accompanied by the surviving members of the Avalanche, an ailing but enthusiastic Cloud, Barret’s friend Dyne, or Yuffie’s comrade Sonon. He could also fight against Genesis instead of Sephiroth. The possibilities of this alternative band are endless.

Things will get worse for FF7 Rebirththe climax of the story. Thanks to the machinations of Sephiroth, these two timelines may be close enough to occasionally touch. This could lead to some surprising moments like major characters falling into one universe or another, and plot-altering scenes playing out differently: for example, Zack appearing to fight the possessed Cloud just before Aerith’s death or Roche channeling Genesis while continuing the party are all possible. in FF7 Rebirth.

The game could introduce the rest of the main party, or it could save Vincent and even Cid for later. FF7 remakethe two timelines of can even be violently merged at the end of Renaissance. Whatever the case, Final Fantasy 7 Remake made a statement by defying expectations of being a mere remake. Final Fantasy 7 Revival and the third title in the trilogy has to justify that choice, and in the process take fans on a roller coaster they didn’t even know they wanted.

Final Fantasy 7 Revival is in development for PS5.

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