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A new study by Mozillion revealed the fastest growing mobile apps in 2022 so far, as well as those that have declined the most in popularity since 2021. Mobile phone market researchers have analyzed data from over 500 of the most popular apps on the market today, to reveal which ones have risen (or fallen) in popularity with mobile phone users. The study also revealed which mobile gaming apps have risen and fallen the most in popularity over the past six months.

The 20 fastest growing mobile games in 2022

Delivery game Deliver It 3D is the fastest rising mobile game in the rankings, rising 997 positions in the App Store over the past six months. Extremely popular mobile games including Angry Bird, Football Manager, Wordle and HeadsUp! was also in the top 10 fastest growing mobile games in 2022 so far.

Rank mobile game App Store Chart Position Increase (October 21 – April 22)
1 Deliver it 3D 997
2 Rovio Classics: Angry Bird 996
3 Soccer Manager 2022 Mobile 994
4 Fill the fridge 991
5 wordle 986
6 Heads up! 983
7 Soccer Manager 2021 Mobile 983
8 big man run 973
9 Total War: MEDIEVAL II 971
ten Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 959
11 Arcadia – Arcade Watch Games 958
12 Super Goal – Soccer Sticman 955
13 Cafe Inc 2 953
14 Vers3 950
15 maze city 949
16 Convenience Stories 947
17 The domain of fish 942
18 Coloring match 940
19 Papa’s Cluckeria 939
20 kill the arrow 938

Top 20 Mobile Games That Decreased the Most in Popularity in 2022

The once-popular games Traffic Cop 3D and Paper Fold have proven to be among the apps with the biggest declines in popularity in 2022 so far, dropping between 996 and 999 spots on the App Store charts since 2021.

Rank mobile game App Store Chart Position Decrease (October 21 – April 22)
1 3D traffic policeman -999
2 Retro bowl -998
3 paper fold -996
4 Lunar Pioneer -994
5 3D flexible race -985
6 3D Challenge Candy -983
7 Watersort puzzle -978
8 life of youtubers -977
9 MAD FUT 22 Draft & Pack -977
ten shot factor -976
11 Turn left!! -975
12 keyboard art -972
13 zen game -966
14 Water sorting puzzle -964
15 Stacked dash -951
16 Call of Duty -950
17 Magic Tiles 3 -950
18 stone miner -946
19 The cube -941
20 3D Survival Challenge -939

The most consistent mobile games of 2022

While some apps are only destined to spend a short time dominating the top positions of the App Store charts, others have remained consistent as we transition into the new year 2022. The extremely popular Minecraft remained in the top five rankings over the six-month period, as did the popular pizza game Papa’s Pizzeria.

mobile game App Store Chart Position Increase/Decrease (October 21 – April 22)
Minecraft 0
Papa’s Pizzeria 0

Mozillion Founder Len Leeson comments:

“Apps are an integral part of everyday life for mobile phone owners in 2022. Whether it’s tracking fitness and nutrition, playing mobile games or socializing with friends and family, checking the weather – or even finding your life partner!Apps are becoming more technologically advanced and user-friendly every year, enabling our mobile phones to help us become more efficient and connected in our everyday lives.

Our research has shown that while some apps are just passing trends, others are very clearly here to stay and remain favorites with mobile phone users year after year.

There is currently an incredible choice of applications, and alongside fun applications, some are increasingly important and useful. With that in mind, we recommend looking for at least 128GB or even 256GB of storage when buying a new phone, so the capacity keeps pace with the (many) apps you might want to download.

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