France makes it mandatory to replace game words in English, like Streamer

  • France has developed official terms in French for the video game industry.
  • The Ministry of Culture said AFP the terms in French would help people there understand the industry.
  • Government officials should use terms such as “streamer” translated to “live player-host”.

France has made it mandatory to replace English terms used by the video game industry in French.

France Media Agency reported on the new words, noting that some of the terms were simple and straightforward translations from English to French, such as “pro-gamer” becoming “professional player” and “cloud gaming” becoming “jeu video en cloud”.

Other terms, AFP noted, were not such direct translations. “Streamer” became “live player-host”, which translates directly to “live player-host”.

Government employees are required to use the new terms, AFP reported.

France’s culture ministry told AFP that French terms would help French people better understand the gaming industry than if all terms remained in English.

He also said the new terms would make it easier for French people to communicate about the industry, and he searched game websites and magazines to see if there were already French terms for the concepts.

France has become known for its official efforts to promote the French language over what it sees as the potential for its erosion due to English being so widely spoken around the world. In 2020, for example, The Commission for the Enrichment of the French Language has announced a list of French alternatives for English language words, including clickbait – for which he recommended using “click trap” or “click trap” – and podcast – “audio on demand” or “audio on demand”.

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