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An indie game set in a beautiful lakeside town with a small group of locals. Driving and delivering mail in 1980s Oregon isn’t exactly the usual video game fantasy, but it sounds like a calming, intriguing story about a woman temporarily fleeing city life to revisit her roots.
Released on September 1st; Xbox, PC.

Life is Strange: True Colors

Emotional… Life is strange: true colors. Photography: Square Enix

Alex Chen moves to Colorado to start a new life in a painful hipster town, but soon discovers that this place has its problems too – and has to reckon with the death of his brother. A coming-of-age story in which you can read people’s emotions and make choices that influence the interpersonal dramas that unfold.
September 10; Xbox, PC, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch.

WarioWare: unite!

This is a wonderfully surreal board game that responds to the attention span of the internet age, with quick challenges that have you running to squeeze toothpaste or collect gems or pluck hair from the hair. armpits from marble sculptures. Filled with micro-tributes to classic games, WarioWare can always be trusted to surprise you.
September 10; Nintendo Switch.

Death loop

Deathloop Video Games
Art deco violence… Deathloop. Photography: Bethesda Softworks

An assassin is stuck in an eternal cycle of trying to kill his targets in this art deco time-traveling shooter. A violent box-puzzle that asks you to use a creative selection of weapons, special powers, and your wits to find a way to escape the time loop, all while another assassin stalks you as well.
September 14; PC, PlayStation 5.

Far cry 6

It’s hard to get excited about another open world shooter, but the presence of Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito as a villain and an intriguing Caribbean setting certainly helps. You can recruit a dachshund called Chorizo ​​to aid you in your island liberation efforts, which is a perfect illustration of Far Cry’s entertaining tonal juxtaposition.
October 7; PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4/5.

Terror Metroid

The first 2D Metroid game in nearly 20 years, this spooky sci-fi adventure takes well-armed bounty hunter Samus Aran to an abandoned space station, where she is pursued by spooky death bots. Think Alien, but through a Japanese lens.
October 8; Nintendo Switch.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042
World in climate crisis… Battlefield 2042. Photography: EA games

Up to 128 players at a time can take part in massive battles in a world ravaged by the climate crisis in this futuristic multiplayer shooter. Huge maps ranging from polar oil fields to Singapore provide all the makings for heroic stories that emerge from chaos as you try to dodge tornadoes, sandstorms, and gunfire.
October 22; PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4/5.

Solar ash

An abstract and chromatic sci-fi game that has you surf sand and clouds and climb the bodies of titanic alien creatures. From the makers of the 2016 Hyper Light Drifter, known for its stylized palette and beautiful movement, Solar Ash sounds like a club lounge and appears to belong to MoMA.
October 26; PC, PlayStation 4/5.

Forza Horizon 5

Watch the Forza Horizon 5 Trailer

Part racing game and touring simulator, Forza Horizon 5 will take players to Mexico, where they can drive together under spectacular skies and through extraordinary landscapes, and run around Mayan ruins. If you’ve gone two years without a vacation, this could be the adventurous sightseeing you need.
November 9; PC / Xbox.

Infinite halo

Infinite halo.
Breathtaking show… Halo Infinite. Photography: Xbox Game Studios

The games in this long line of sci-fi shooters have varied in quality over the past two decades, but you can always count on them to deliver a jaw-dropping spectacle, fun weapons, and great space for the fate of the galaxy. opera scenario that you will probably forget as soon as you start filming aliens.
Release date to be confirmed; PC, Xbox.

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