GTA Trilogy still has a 20-year-old giant car problem, fans say

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition can I have shredded some signature tunes from the series radio stations, and can, in any way imaginable, make the descriptor for “Definitive” sound like a joke, but at the very least, you can still create an invulnerable, swaying, and constantly bloated car. GTA III. This glitch, unlike the one in the game incredibly ugly rain, strange draw distance, and rounded nuts, cannot be blamed on a hasty remastered. Rather, it is a vestige of Grand Theft Auto IIIoriginal version of.

The glitch, which shows a car slowly increasing in size as the driver moves it back and forth, is actually the second part of a three-part problem that makes cars immune to crash damage, which you can perform through this involved setup.

To begin with, you need to find a taxi. Finding a Taxi will allow you to enter a Taxi Mission, which in turn will allow you to pick up the passenger you will need later. Once you have entered the taxi, hold R3 (the button on your right joystick) and exit the vehicle while holding R3. If you get into a vehicle while holding R3, you can start using any vehicle as a taxi.

Once you’ve started your taxi mission, pick up a passenger and take them to the Car Chipper in Harwood. Park your car with the driver’s side door facing the chipper, then exit the vehicle. With a passenger inside, you won’t be allowed to exit through their door, so instead you just teleport. The car shredder will then attempt to grab the towed non-taxi passenger, at which point you will need to enter the vehicle. Once the game realizes that you are in the car, the crusher will drop the car and the glitch will be active.

Your car now traverses off-terrain objects, including buildings. It will also slowly increase in size, which can be sped up by wiggling it quickly while you are driving. The car will keep growing until you reset it by falling through the geometry of the world.

There is a much simpler third part of this problem. Once your car becomes a ghost, you can put it away in your garage. Storing a ghost car in your garage will re-enable its object collision, but disable collision damage. This makes the car effectively invincible, barring shootings.

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