Hades touch controls on Game Pass are insanely good

Complaining about touchscreen controls is a sure-fire way for a game reviewer to immediately date them. When I was in high school in the mid-2000s, I mastered the art of typing T9 in my pocket. If you handed me a flip phone now, I bet I could still send a perfect 160 character text message without looking at the screen. Have me play Fortnite on my Google Pixel 4, and I’ll look like I’ve never used my hands before.

I am honestly jealous of the kids who are now growing up with so many great games at their fingertips. While mobile has become a respectable platform for real games over the past decade, my interest has only grown. Unfortunately, I just don’t have the dexterity or muscle memory to effectively play games with touch controls like young people do. I often go for the Razer Kishi because it basically turns my phone into a Switch, but I don’t always have it with me when I’m on the go and looking for a quick game to play – which is usually when I want to. play games on my phone.

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I’ve tried quite a few Game Pass touch games as a meme more than anything else. I challenged myself to play Celeste with touch controls, and as I expected, it was a total nightmare. I’ve had a lot better luck with strategy and story-driven games that don’t require quick entries, like Slay the Spire and Spiritfarer, but when it comes to platform games, action games and fighting games, I just can’t use touch controls to save my life. A recent game from Overcooked! 2 almost ended three friendships when they found out I was playing on my phone. This is how useless I am with touch controls.

Hades touch controls

Always greedy for punishment, I started Hades on my phone this weekend just so I could remind myself of how pathetic I am, only to find that the touch controls aren’t just fully usable, they could actually be my way. favorite to play.

There are a few really smart things that Hades does that make touch controls much better than in other games. First of all, the layout and customization options are incredibly smart. Rather than space all the buttons equidistantly on the right side of the screen, Hades uses a radial layout with X, the attack button, right in the center. As you customize the controls, you can rotate this dial to reposition the other face button, RT and RB, and R3 in an orientation that feels natural to you. The layout prioritizes the most commonly used entries so that they are the easiest to access. This setup has flattened the learning curve considerably for me and I feel like I have all the muscle memory I need in one run.

There’s also an option for simple controls that changes the layout to better reflect that of an Xbox controller. While I can see the appeal of sticking with what’s familiar, the standard layout is a custom setup that seems to match this specific game better. This is a hand tested layout created for Hades, and it’s clear that it was created to be the optimal touch control scheme.

The other really smart thing that Hades does is give enormous tolerance to your pimple presses. You probably won’t notice it, but the touch controls do a great job of figuring out what you wanted to press when you miss an entry. The attack button has a lot more reach than the dash or throw button, but each entry seems to have a custom field where it recognizes click errors. It reduces the frustration that comes with not having a tactile interface and strong haptic feedback, and it always made me feel like the game knew what I wanted to do even when I wasn’t doing it right.

I haven’t played everything on Game Pass and I imagine there might be other games with touch controls as sophisticated as this one, but given that Hades is already one of the best games ever made , I am really impressed with how it feels to play on mobile. The experience was only better when I switched to my tablet. With just a little adjustment to the position of the buttons, I had an amazing time playing Hades on the big screen with touch controls on either side. If you’re a newbie like me, you should definitely give Hades a try on Game Pass.

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