Help Player Free Fire ID K / D Ratio Statistics on YouTube Channel Monthly Earnings

Free Fire is a popular battle royale game, providing a platform for many streamers and video content creators around the world to showcase their gaming skills to the world. The platform not only provided new opportunities for players, but also helped them gain and acquire a good fan base on social media. In fact, even in India, this game has gained huge popularity among streamers and as time goes by, the game is getting more and more famous among Indian gamers. Helping gamer aka Sarfraj is also a well known free fire player from India and is considered one of the best gamers.

Free Fire Id and Lifetime Player Support Stats

Helping Gamer’s alias Sarfraj free fire id is 517121909. To date, the player has participated in 6,855 team matches, among which the streamer has recorded 1,135 wins and 15,489 kills, maintaining a winning percentage of 16.56% and an ak / d ratio of 2.72. During this time, the player also took part in 2,877 duet games and managed to manage 187 wins, with a winning percentage of 6.47%.

Additionally, he killed 5502 opponents in this mode, so his k / D ratio in duo mode is 2.05. In addition to the team and duo modes, the player has also participated in 2,762 solo matches and among which, he recorded 170 wins and a win percentage of 6.16%. Additionally, the player recorded 4,732 kills, reaching a kill / death ratio of 1.84.

Ranked Player Support Statistics

During Free Fire’s current ranked season, Helping gamer played in 43 team matches, 6 duet matches, and no solo matches. Out of these 43 team matches, the player recorded 7 wins and 162 kills, achieving a winning percentage of 16.37% and a K / d ratio of 4.50. Meanwhile, over 6 duo matches, the player defeated 19 opponents with a kill / death ratio of 3.18.

Youtube channel and player aid earnings

Sarfraj also has a youtube channel called “HELPING GAMER” and currently has over 6.58 million subscribers on its youtube channel. The YouTuber joined the channel on April 3, 2018 and has so far uploaded 713 videos. In one month, Helping gamer managed to reach 110K and 16.92 views on their downloaded videos.

Speaking of his income, the player’s supposed monthly earnings are between $ 4.2,000 and $ 67.8,000, while the YouTuber’s annual income is between $ 50.9,000 and $ 812.2,000. In terms of subscribers, the YouTuber’s rank is 277th in their home country, while in terms of video views, the gamer’s rank is 15,941. Stay tuned with us.

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