High School Notebook: Midway Presses the Start Button on an Esports Trip | High school

Like an Easter egg in a video game, Midway’s roots in Esports can be traced with a little bit of hunting. About seven years ago, some college students approached Williams about forming a club to play Dungeons and Dragons. Other students got interested and brought their own favorite board games, then video games got into the mix, and Midway’s Strategic Gaming Club was born.

Regarding the new Esports business, Williams thanks one of Midway’s current students, Gabriel Rodriguez, for paving the way for the team. Rodriguez first approached Williams a few years ago with the proposal to create a Midway Esports team. So, the teacher started to research the idea and found out that it was not as easy as setting up a few Xbox systems.

“I’ve been watching him for a few years. But I didn’t really know where to start or where to go with that, ”Williams said. “Even was at a conference and had had several presentations about it, but none of them ever gave us a way to start. “

More recently, Williams discovered PlayVs, which describes itself as the official platform for Esports for young people, high schools and colleges. PlayVs is a partner of the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and oversees Esports games and events for 23 different states, including Texas.

So Williams signed up for Midway, and faster than you could hit the reset button, a Panther team was formed. They chose Rocket League for the opening game for several reasons. On the one hand, it was the game that Rodriguez was most interested in, and since he was either Lewis or Clark’s pioneers of Midway Esports, it made sense. But even more concretely, Rocket League is free to play, and Williams said it was attractive because “we’re trying to find some of the funding with that.”

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