Hood: Outlaws & Legends – All Classes, Ranked

There are several variables to consider when selecting a class in a PvEvP game. For example, some might be better against NPC enemies, while others might have strengths against other players. Hood: Outlaws & Legends has condensed it all into four classes.

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It includes conventional archetypes, like DPS, tank, and support – but judging which of these is best also depends on gear, playstyle, and difficulty. Ultimately, you’ll also need a good team setup, with strong communication to be successful against other players and NPCs.


4 The Mystic: Tooke

Tooke plays a supporting role, albeit with some versatility, which makes him useful in both PvE and PvP situations. Her quick attacks have good range and can counter Marianne’s dodges. He also has the best stamina of the lot, making him relentless with these attacks. Additionally, he can drain enemy stamina with his gas grenades, blinding and disarming them in the process as well. It also stores healing grenades which are especially useful in the mid and late game.

The Mystic does have one big downside though – it’s a high skill cap class, so not everyone will be comfortable with it. You need a good understanding of the game, as well as knowledge of the map to properly use its abilities. Without a cohesive team, he is almost dead.

3 The blacksmith: Jean

Every team needs a tank, and John is the one in your merry party. His strength is useful in a fight, as his enormous hammer flattens enemies, even if they are heavily armored. He carries a particularly destructive explosive, as well as a special move that increases his stamina and health to keep crushing enemies or plundering fortresses.

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John needs skill and coordination to get the best out of him. Due to its slow, twisting attacks, you really need to time it right to strike – otherwise you could smell and be easily killed. Because of this, it is at a disadvantage against classes that use speed – it can be countered by a fast Marianne or Robin if the archer keeps its distance.

2 The Ranger: Robin

Robin is a long-range DPS character who wields a bow with a quiver that only holds seven arrows. Compared to Marianne’s crossbow, Robin has the best range in Hood: Outlaws & Legends. However, he only needs one hit, as his arrows are devastating to everyone – even armored enemies – especially if you can land a headshot. Her specialty, however, is her deadliest attack, as she lets an explosive arrow fly. One of his rather underrated abilities is to mark enemies for the whole team to see. Additionally, he can use his flash grenade to stun enemies and change positions quickly.

Robin is unfortunately a glass cannon that requires skill to wield effectively. His low health means he must stay away from the action, lest he die. You should watch out for the blacksmith, as the tank will take him out in no time and escaping Tooke’s sweeping attacks will also be a task.

Another thing players should keep in mind is that his arrows will start falling after a certain distance. Your best bet as a Ranger is to stay hidden and pick your moment to strike. While most classes can be easily picked up in a few tries, Robin will need time to practice.

1 The Hunter: Marianne

The Huntress, Marianne, is a short and long range DPS character that is both versatile and deadly. His crossbow holds nine bolts and can fire three bolts at once for massive damage at close range. It is just as dangerous at close range; his wrist blades are what you need to be wary of, as they can melt your health in seconds.

What makes The Huntress Hood’s best class is her stealth abilities. When hidden in the shadows, she can eliminate anyone, whether player or NPC. His smoke bomb is great for getting out of tight spots, while his invisibility special move can be used for offensive and defensive maneuvers. Even if someone were to spot her, attacking her is a whole other story, thanks to her ability to dodge. This makes her a nightmare for the blacksmith, who is too slow as she walks away from his heavy hammer blows.

Just be aware that, like Robin, she too has low health, making her easy to kill if someone lands a hit. As mentioned, Tooke is a good counter for Marianne, but The Hunter works best when stalking her prey from the shadows.

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