It’s time for a Digimon World Remaster collection

The Digimon World series has been dormant for several years, and the first step to fixing that can help its older entries feel new.

Digimon World Time for a remastered collection

Digimon video games have been in an awkward and stagnant state for the past few years. Since 2018, the only great game that Digimon fans were eagerly waiting Digimon Survive. Only mobile games that have all terminated their services and region-specific spinoffs were released during this time. The last major game to be released was 2019 Digimon Story Cyber ​​Sleuth: Complete Editionwhich is a collection of two past games available on all platforms.


However, things have started to improve recently. Digimon Con 2022 is expected to offer new information on all facets of the Digimon franchise. Digimon Games’ Ultimate Q&A, taking place from 5:10 PM PT to 6:00 PM PT, is set to reveal the release date of Digimon Survive. Fans are also hoping for more games to pop up, like the new Digimon History RPG teased in 2018. These new games will revitalize the gaming side of the franchise, but it would also be nice to get updated versions of some of the franchise’s early games.

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The History of the Digimon World Series

There have been a lot of Digimon games released over the past two decades, but two main series have emerged: Digimon World and Digimon History. the Digimon World series consists of six main installments, the Pocket Digimon World trilogy, and some improved reissues for the most recent ones World securities. the Story franchise started with Digimon World DS in 2006, which is called Digimon History in Japan. These two franchises diverged in their approach to Digimon; Digimon World emphasizes the pet simulation elements of the series, while Digimon History plays more like a traditional monster-collecting JRPG.

The first one Digimon World was a PS1 title released in Japan in 1999. It featured a child traveling through the digital world to make friends and fight evil. While the game was ostensibly a JRPG, it allowed fine control over the growth of a Digimon partner and expected players to take care of their monsters. Many games in the Digimon World series are informed by this configuration, although the specifics may vary. There is no single unifying style of play that holds them all Digimon World games together as there are for Digimon Historylike the second and third World the games were designed like other PS1 JRPGs and the fourth was a hack-and-slash title. Digimon World Re: Digitize and Digimon World: Next Order in the 2010s serve as a throwback to the first game’s pet simulator formula, with some additional JRPG mechanics built in.

Why The Digimon World Series Needs To Make A Comeback

These titles are varied and they all have their fans. Digimon World 1 and Digimon World: Next Order International Edition are arguably the most popular, but Digimon World 2 and 3 represent the predecessors of modernity Story titles, and Digimon World 4 is a fun arcade-style adventure with friends. Digimon World Re: Digitize and Digimon World Re: Digitize Decoding have not been located, leaving them as a blank spot in the knowledge of most English fans. It would be great if most or all of these titles could be remastered and released on newer hardware, especially considering that Next international order is available on everything modern.

At least the first four Digimon World the games are expected to be remastered and released on all current consoles and PCs. Since the first three are PS1 games and the fourth was a pretty cheap PS2 title, they could all benefit from higher resolutions and possibly better frame rates. Digimon World 4 is also ripe for online multiplayer, which could improve fan reception of the divisive title. Translating Re: Digitize in English and porting it to consoles like Next international order doesn’t feel necessary given that the latter exists, but it could be a major selling point if bundled into a collection. Those old games still represent a lot of what makes Digimon unique and charming, and it would be great if a new generation of fans could experience it.

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