KitGuru Games: Shootout – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II VS Overwatch 2

While some years see several major FPS games launching during the holiday season, this year we only have two and, oddly enough, both are from Activision. In October, Overwatch 2 finally launched and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II arrived, delivering the biggest opening weekend in COD history. Many of us only have a limited amount of time to dive into a game, so which one should you choose this holiday season?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is the sequel to Infinity Ward’s 2019 soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series. Modern Warfare (2019) was my favorite Call of Duty game for many years, but Activision’s strict annual release schedule meant the game was quickly replaced by more Black Ops, and later it was replaced by Vanguard. Now, after what I would consider two years of “dip” for Call of Duty, Infinity Ward is back to put the franchise back on top.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) is a worthy sequel. In my mind, Modern Warfare has always been the best line of Call of Duty games and Infinity Ward has once again delivered. The campaign is high octane action with memorable levels throughout. Over the first couple of hours, you’ll be reintroduced to many returning characters, and the campaign touches on all the classic gameplay moments you’d expect, from building raids to air combat support to leveling up. classic sniper.

I haven’t finished the entire campaign yet, but I’ve already seen a healthy mix of high-octane action gameplay and stealth-oriented gameplay with a more tactical focus. Call of Duty’s sniper levels almost always climb quickly to the top of my leaderboard, but this year’s campaign also has a heck of a car chase level, which involves hijacking vehicles to mount a convoy, stalking, and snagging. Dodge out of your car to shoot enemies to keep moving forward, then quickly get back in your vehicle to avoid landmines. It was a lot of fun and avoiding timing everything correctly isn’t a particularly easy task. I imagine this will be one of the trickier levels if you max out the difficulty, but in the interest of saving time, I’m playing on normal difficulty at the moment.

I haven’t even mentioned the visuals yet, and that’s one area where Call of Duty continues to shine. Technically, it’s one of the best-looking shooters I’ve ever played, and the game runs great even on Ultra settings. Using an RTX 3070 Ti and Core i7-8700K I consistently shoot over 100fps in the campaign and in multiplayer I’m able to exceed 120FPS which makes for a very smooth experience.

The campaign hooked me, but the multiplayer doesn’t appeal to me as much as I would have hoped. I’ve played most of the modes available and have a few standout favorites – Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Prison Break. All three of these modes are team-focused, but unfortunately, being Call of Duty, you’ll often be faced with players who prefer solo play and don’t necessarily focus on the objective or do pay attention to what is happening with the rest of the team in other parts of the map. This has been a problem with Call of Duty for years, as fast TTK rewards fast movement and allows solo players to really stand out and shine. It’s easier to take on a match as a single player, so there’s less focus or reliance on team-oriented gameplay, even in objective-based modes.

It’s something I enjoyed a lot more in my youth, but now that I’m approaching 30, I’ve developed a fondness for team play. Luckily, there’s another recently released shooter that delivers in this exact area – Overwatch 2.

I didn’t expect to enjoy Overwatch 2 at all after playing the beta earlier this year. You may remember a previous KitGuru game in which I denounced the sequel and lamented its changes. Now, months later, Overwatch 2 has launched and I’ve spent the last few weeks totally hooked.

Overwatch has always been fun, and it’s safe to say that Blizzard abandoned the original game too soon in order to focus its efforts on a useless sequel. That’s still true and as it stands, Overwatch 2 doesn’t feel like a full sequel. What often gets lost in this argument is that at its core, Overwatch is still a great game.

Overwatch has such a fun mix of unique heroes and the move to 5v5 gameplay means choosing the right hero for a given situation is all the more important. We have tanks that specialize in shields, and others that specialize in charging into enemy lines to break up formations and distract attention. Maps have multiple side roads, so a decent Reaper can sneak through and cause additional mayhem. Healers are the backline, tasked with keeping your tank and DPS players alive long enough to get kills so the team can move forward.

This team-based focus is a gift and a curse. When you have the right group together, everything will click together almost seamlessly and you can make great strides towards the goal. The downside is that if you’re playing solo, you can find yourself in situations where no one really wants to play their role or play as a team. I’ve come across a lot of offensive-focused Moira players who barely heal, and I’ve come across DPS players and tanks who like to load into a full team with no saves. If a Mercy and a tank charge into a fight alone, the Mercy is going to be knocked out immediately and the tank isn’t going to last much longer either. If you hang back and wait for other DPS heroes to arrive, you’ll have a better opportunity to scatter the defense and pick players.

Role Queue mostly solves this problem, but with challenges that often reward players for queuing for all roles instead of just selecting what they’re good at, the matchmaking pool can sometimes be mixed. This is a problem that will lessen over time. Overwatch 2 had a huge launch with over 25 million players logged in in the first two weeks and 35 million players in the first month, many of whom were newbie players who needed to learn the ropes. With that in mind, as the expanded player base becomes more skilled and knowledgeable, the likelihood of being matched with capable players should increase.

It’s also worth noting that if you don’t like the role restrictions in place for normal ranked and unranked play, you can choose one of the other modes. There are arcade modes that remove restrictions, so you can have an all-tank team, or three tanks and two healers, or a group of DPS players, etc. These modes are fun, but often playing with two or three tanks in a team feels overpowering, as you can smash your way through modes like Push. Still, it’s a fun mode and I spent a lot of time in Arcade compared to traditional modes.

Blizzard also gave us a quick look at the future of Overwatch 2 this month with its Halloween mode. For the event, Blizzard has implemented a new PvE mode with new hero dialogues and boss battles. It plays out almost a bit like Overwatch meets Destiny, and by limiting the heroes you can choose to tackle this mission, Blizzard can ensure a certain level of challenge. It was great fun and gave me high hopes for Overwatch 2’s PvE campaign, which is set to arrive in 2023. We can only hope that Blizzard will continue to add PvE content in the future as well, as this It would be a shame to put together a really fun mode only to abandon it in favor of focusing all efforts on multiplayer.

If you have to choose which game to spend your time in this holiday season, I’d choose Overwatch 2 if you have a few friends you can convince to join you. If you’re primarily a single player then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II might be the way to go, but I’d wait for a sale closer to Christmas because even with the big campaign £60 is a big ask, especially if you’re on the go. there’s going to be premium expansion coming next year. Overwatch 2, on the other hand, is free, so you can download it and start playing without having to shell out any money.

If you’re interested in skins and cosmetics, however, you’ll find some issues here. Blizzard removed free loot boxes and replaced them with a skin shop and a battle pass system with very few free rewards included on the track. This is an area that Blizzard really needs to clear up, either by making skins cheaper in the store or by adding more free tier rewards in the battle pass. As far as progression goes, you’ll be able to complete the season pass without a problem, as Blizzard gives you plenty of XP for completing very easy challenges each day.

KitGuru says: Will you be playing one of the two major shooters this holiday season? Will you dive into Overwatch 2 or take on Call of Duty?

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