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For about a month, MNMs were counted by citizens of almost every country except the UK.

It’s a deeply young team, the one that has just made the EUL. Nobody expected them to do much – some expected them not to win a single series.

However, they won, in a relatively dominant 2-0 over SANDBOX Gaming, a team that just beat the reigning Invitational Ninjas In Pajamas champions.

It’s the start of the tournament and anything can happen. But some would argue that MNM has already punched above its weight.

Teams like MNM are the future of competitive Siege. Their young players have room to grow within a budding organization and will definitely improve as the tournament progresses. That doesn’t mean they’ll win another match, nothing is guaranteed.

However, regardless of your nationality, you should find a soft spot in your hardened heart for MNM. There were no expectations for this team: they’ve been playing with house money the whole time. They are the decided underdogs – for four of their five players, this is their first LAN. They’re doing it completely green, with a “line” reputation they’d love nothing more than to overthrow completely and utterly.

Then there’s Leon “neLo” Pesić to consider. The only veteran playing for MNM in this tournament won a Pro League final with NAVI – but left in September 2020. Since then he hasn’t sniffed out tier one competition, 2021 was decidedly neLo-less. The Croatian is looking for redemption, and potentially glory SI that eluded NAVI in 2020 – the former NAVI won just one series and was knocked out in the group stage. Thanks to just one match of the SI 2022, neLo has won as many matches as the Pro League Finals NAVI team won in 2020.

However, he’s back with a vengeance with MNM. As the only veteran of this young formation, he has a big load on his shoulders.

Teams like MNM are the future of Siege and are extremely easy to support. Only Elevate has more players who have never been to a LAN – but Elevate has at least had some top-tier experience in APAC. MNM is mostly green.

If they don’t win another round, they deserve your praise. If they don’t get another kill, they deserve your cheers.

Tomorrow morning, MNM will ride their wave of momentum in a clash with reigning SI champions NiP. Unless you’re Brazilian, the question “who to shoot for” should be answered easily. Long live the underdogs, and the biggest underdog of them all is MNM.

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