Ms. Marvel Secretly Teases Kamala Khan Might Be An Inhuman After All

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 secretly teases that Kamala Khan might be an Inhuman in the MCU after all. Here’s how his origin and powers might connect.

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 secretly teases how Kamala Khan might be an Inhuman in the MCU after all. Introducing Iman Vellani’s young superhero to the MCU was a resounding success, even after the pre-release debate of Marvel Studios altering her powers for the Disney+ series. Since his comic book debut, Kamala Khan’s powers and history have been tied to the Inhumans, a group of superhumans created by the Kree. But after the failure Inhumans TV show, all signs pointed to Ms. Marvel avoiding those connections for the MCU.

The possibility that Kamala Khan was not an Inhuman proved controversial, as the character’s fans understandably wanted to see her magnification powers fully exposed and for her to help the MCU introduce the Inhumans. Ms. Marvel Episode 1 gave audiences a better idea of ​​Kamala’s new origin, which points to her possessing cosmic powers that come from a bracelet tied to her family’s past. Even though the MCU gave Ms. Marvel energy-based powers to create constructs, the changes were generally well-received and seemed like a small victory for Marvel Studios in getting the public to accept her news. capacities.


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Just as viewers feel comfortable with the idea that Kamala Khan won’t be an Inhuman in the MCU, however, Ms. Marvel episode 2, “Crushed”, teases a way for this to always be the case. The episode focuses on training Kamala to control her powers and working with her best friend Bruno to better understand them and the bracelet. Ms. Marvel episode 2 leaves the door open for an inhuman connection through the explanation to come. Bruno mentions that Kamala’s powers come from within her and that the bracelet apparently “unlocked the superhuman part.” In the comics, people with latent Inhuman powers only gain their abilities after going through Terrigenesis, a process in which they are exposed to Terrigen Mists, then become cocooned and freed after the transformation is finalized. It’s possible Ms. MarvelThe bracelet triggered the MCU version of Terrigenesis to unlock Kamala’s Inhuman powers.

How Ms. Marvel MCU Powers Change SR Comics

Thanks to Bruno’s revelation in Ms. Marvel Episode 2, Kamala’s powers could take on a whole different context. He and Kamala both agree that the bracelet has an unidentifiable tongue on it. If this is the language of the Inhumans, then the Ms. Marvel bangle might further explain what is going on with Kamala. Instead of going through the Terrigenesis process entirely, Ms. Marvel’s bracelet could be a glimpse into what her inhuman powers are. Their crystalline energy design might even be rooted in the Terrigen Crystals which are key to unlocking their powers.

It’s now possible that Marvel Studios was playing the long game all the way to Kamala’s powers and establishing her connection to the Inhumans. This could mean that she won’t learn the truth until the end of Ms. Marvel or even in Wonders. Either way, that would mean Kamala can help bring some real Inhuman mythology to the MCU. Considering Marvel just introduced the silent yet powerful leader of the Inhumans, Black Bolt (Anson Mount) in Doctor Strange 2that would make a lot of sense to Ms. Marvel to build on this tease. But, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to believe that Kamala Khan will be an Inhuman in the MCU after all.

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