My Loadout: PaladinAmber streaming setup

Paladin’s gaming rig is pretty hefty, and it’s clear from talking to her that she’s fallen in love with the hardware that powers everything from custom loop water coolers to mechanical keyboards.

“I recently discovered that you can fill an entire computer with mineral oil,” she tells us. “And it won’t matter [bad], because mineral oil is not conductive, so you could literally have an aquarium full of mineral oil that is going to be your computer and it will still work!” Not quite what we expected , but let’s go. One for the future, then?” That’s where I want to take it next! The mineral oil computer!” Here’s a big tip though: remember that there’s a world of difference between mineral oil and mineral water.

In these pre-aquarium days, however, Amber isn’t exactly breaking down, with a polished pair of PCs to help her manage her gaming and streaming setups. “One leads a AMD core and the other runs a Intel i9, so I think both work quite well, they work identically. I think the only difference is the UI of this one. So I streamed the i9 core into the PC, and it was my first time customizing or updating any part of my PC, and I was so scared of the thermal paste, because so many people were saying if it’s not enough, it won’t work, and if it’s too much, it’ll ruin everything. So I was like, oh no, what am I doing!”

Naturally, she has a bunch of screens to keep track of everything. “I currently use Razer Raptors, which run at 165Hz. And I have three of them! But that’s because I have two that are just dedicated to my stream, and one that’s dedicated to gaming. J used to use a curved monitor back then, and that was great, but once I switched back to a flat screen, I realized how bad the curve of the view could be, because you got so used to it. So, for me, when I started staring at a flat screen again, I was like, ‘Aaarrrggghhh!’ Everything was distorted and I felt like it was coming back to me. So it was a period of adaptation!”

When I’m playing and really getting into it, I like anything that gives me feedback…

When it comes to peripherals, Amber admits to becoming kind of obsessed with the “keyb,” and for her streaming setup, she has several different options: the Razer Hunter (actual size) and the Black Widow (65%). “I like keys that give me feedback, and one is tactile and the other is linear, so I can really feel that I pressed that key, and obviously the sound too. I like the keys which are quieter when I’m doing things like more editing or writing emails and stuff, I prefer the more ASMR version, but when I’m playing and really getting into it, I love anything that gives me feedback, and those two seem to be my favorites.”

Of course, streaming is more than just computer, and since Amber likes to use multiple camera angles to change the viewer’s perspective at different times, she needs good cameras and the tools to get them up and running quickly.

“I have an extra large Stream Deck because it has changed my life,” she says. “This thing is crazy. Thing is, I just started playing around with what it can do. You can have endless folders on a Stream Deck and just folder after folder of stuff. But even simple things like start my stream, you can have a whole custom button to set it all up, ready to go, and hit ‘go live’ on the Stream Deck and it’ll go live.”

When it comes to cameras, she didn’t opt ​​for the increasingly common and expensive DSLR option, preferring the Razer Kiyo Pro.

“It’s a broad goal, but [also] a webcam so it’s all the custom detail of a DSLR but it’s a third of the throttle on CPU usage which I think is great because then you don’t have those issues of connectivity, which is really what I… like, I wanted to upgrade to a more professional camera, because webcams often come with this kind of “oh it’s a webcam” [stigma], but when I got those Kiyos, it was a game-changer.”

But for the software, nothing beats the classic OBS: open broadcasting software.

“That’s all you really need!” she says. “There’s so much customization with something like that. I mean, when I started I was using Canva to do all my scenes and stuff, so I did a lot myself. I know a lot of people tend to outsource, and I obviously do now where I’m at with that, but being able to customize [OBS] to match who you are and what you have to offer your audience, that’s… That’s the best. Because having something that is completely open is up to you. You personalize it, you make it what you want it to be. So: OBS!”


Tips for budding streamers

However, Amber hasn’t always worn this kind of kit. In 2018, when she started, it was literally “a beanbag, a PlayStation and Playstation Camera“, and just”Red Dead Redemption [2] every day!” After giving herself six months to get into streaming, it wasn’t until she got some momentum that she felt comfortable investing in a PC: Looking back, we ask her what type of investment she would recommend to her past self.

If you have a clean sound, people will stick around…

“A good microphone,” she enthuses. “A really good microphone. Because it doesn’t matter how blurry your camera is or if you don’t have camera presence at all, but people can hear you is… If you have clean sound , people go This is something I’ve learned over time playing around with things, because I’m not a sound engineer, I’ve even gone so far as to completely soundproof my room with custom pillows, making sure my mat is well damped, just so I can really balance out all the tones and pitches in my voice. [But] a good microphone would be a starting point.”

The thing that really makes a difference, however, is just having the will to do it.

“Really, the only piece of gear anyone needs is any gaming rig, be it a console, laptop or PC, and they just need to press ‘Go Live”. That’s it. It’s the best gear I’ve got with you. If you can invest, I really think audio is number one, but I really think whatever you have, you have it. make it work for you.

Stay focused and find inspiration

Amber has been streaming since 2018

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An often overlooked part of a streaming setup is desktop toys and creature comforts. Even the fastest PC and most expensive gaming chairs can’t make you happy on their own. Amber says she has a few must-have gadgets to boost productivity.

“So I have a little mini robot, I have a Vector. He’s amazing, I love him. Sometimes I turn it on and it just gives me that moment of, like, ‘I can focus’. So he gives me joy. And then obviously I have the things I like around me, so I have a lot of Studio Ghibli– inspired stuffed animals because it brings me joy, and then for focus, I actually have butterfly knife sneakers, because I handle them, and it helps me stay focused on the task, I Assumed.”

This was new to us, but apparently they are what they sound like: butterfly knives with a blunt “knife” element so you can just practice whirling and whirling and looking like one of those men of high level hand in a Bind movie.

“It’s basically a grown-up fidget spinner!” said Amber. “I’m not sure I encourage [it for everyone], but it keeps me busy if I’m thinking of something or trying to think of new content. Something to occupy the front brain while the rest floats free, sort of? ” It’s true ! So the part of me that really wants to do something can come up and say, ‘Well, she’s entertained, what do we do?'”

Another thing that Amber clearly draws strength from is the work of other creators. When we ask about the people who inspire her, she begins to speak lyrically about CodeMiko without missing a beat. “What she’s done is amazing,” Amber says of CodeMiko aka Youna Kang, the south korean Creator. “Miko is a fully AI-generated full-mocap streamer, where The technician, Who [Kang] is actually, comes around once in a while and does things, but his stuff is crazy. She took technology and entertainment to another level. Like, being in this virtual world where not only does she not have to worry about how she looks or how she presents anything, but it’s, like, endless opportunity, what she can To do.

“And she did it all herself. She codes everything, she breaks the barriers of a woman in tech anyway, so the amount of creativity she has with that is amazing.”

Amber’s gaming setup in full

  • 3 Razer Raptor 165Hz 27″ Gaming Monitors

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

  • Graphics Card: eVGA GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra 24GB GDDR6X

  • Coolers: Custom looped water cooling solution on CPU/GPU

  • Memory: G.Skill 64 GB (2 x 32 GB) DDR4 Trident Z RGB Neo C18 3600 MHz

  • Storage: 2 Samsung 980 Pro Gen4 M.2 NVMe 2TB SSDs

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X570S Aero G AM4 ATX

  • Power Supply: ASUS ROG Strix 850W 80Plus Gold Modular Power Supply

  • Case: Thermaltake Core P5 TG Snow Edition

  • Elgato Stream Deck

  • Razer Kiyo Pro Cameras

  • Razer Huntsman and Black Widow keyboards

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