NBA 2K League veteran Delaney is looking to win the championship

Maurice Delaney aka “ReeceDaGod” won an NBA 2K League title in 2020 with Wizards District Gaming.

SAN ANTONIO — Going from an NBA 2K League championship team with the 2020 Wizards District Gaming to a Lakers Gaming franchise looking to climb the ladder since the league’s inception may seem daunting to many.

But not for Lakers Gaming’s Maurice Delaney, aka “ReeceDaGod.”

The NBA 2K League veteran has seen a lot in his professional career and is up to the challenge of helping a Lakers Gaming franchise reach the heights he has seen and experienced.

The fashion designer, pro skateboarder, and now seasoned Lakers Gaming veteran is already making an impact and thirsting for more.

In this exclusive Q&A, we chat with the Chicago guard to get his first thoughts on his new team, the impact he’ll have and his feelings for his former teammates in Washington DC.

Jeff: What’s it like to get back into action for in-person games after being away for so long? It seems like you always have that instant energy.

ReeceDeGod: This is my first comeback game on stage so far. At least so I can just come back out there and play with my guys. It came out of me. I feel like I’m used to this and it’s nothing new, but hoop.

You are now part of the not very successful Lakers Gaming franchise. How critical is your District Gaming championship experience and overall experience in helping the franchise reach new heights?

I feel like it’s very important. I’m trying to take everything I learned from my championship run and being in the league for a number of years and try to guide them guys.

Take everything I’ve learned and try to make it a leader myself and help lead the young people and rookies that are part of the team.

I guess your new teammates are just picking your brain and trying to learn from you?

Yes sir! They always come and talk to me about what we can do better and try to take things that I’ve learned over the years of playing and try to guide them.

Is it different for you to enter a new situation with Lakers Gaming?

I knew when I arrived, I knew what I had come to do this year. I knew what I had to do. I already knew what I wanted to do and have been doing it for years.

Obviously you moved on after winning the 2020 title with Wizards District Gaming. What was it like parting ways with a team you won a title with and seeing them win it all again in 2021? Grudges?

No, they’re all my brothers there, I have a great bond with them. I can see them coming to my wedding and being friends for the rest of our lives.

I was happy for them, but you know, it put a little chip on my shoulder. I wasn’t apart, so you know. I went out hungry today.

San Antonio Spurs fans can follow Lakers Gaming and ReeceDaGod by visiting their official team website.

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