NetEase Games’ RPG has been accused of violating user privacy

Dream Chaser: The Showbiz is a mobile game in which players assume the role of celebrities in the virtual world. Players are allowed to make various expressions, based on text prompts, and then the game’s AI feeds data from the actual expressions to the game characters in real time. NetEase Fuxi Lab worked on the game’s development. In the latest reveal, the game’s developers have denied a recent report suspecting his role in the publication of an article in the WE, which contains user data. The developers of Dream Chaser: The Showbiz with a reputable company named NetEase Games are in the midst of serious controversy, due to violation of user privacy.

Dream Chaser The Showbiz: Release and origin of the controversy

Fuxi Laboratory was launched by NetEase Games in September 2017 to broaden their horizons by innovating the gaming experience with AI. On the December 4, 2021, the tech giant has announced its next-generation Internet technology architecture for the Metaverse. Fuxi Lab played an important role in this by developing its virtual character software development kit “Youth” and the immersion activity system appointed “Yaotai”.

Internet gamers have become wary, due to the Activities of the programmer. The programmer was involved in programming the AI. Gamers’ suspicions began after the programmer won the championship for facial expression detection and facial emotion recognition at the CVPR (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference).

Image via NetEase Games

Details of the programmer’s work showed that similar technology has also been implemented in the game. This announcement has gamers concerned as they believe their facial data from the game was used to train the AI ​​program at CVPR. Soon after, hundreds of players became aggressive and posted on Weibo, questioning whether the Dream Chaser: The Showbiz development team had illegally misused their personal data and violated their privacy.

NetEase Games’ response to the controversy

NetEase Games had responded by issuing a statement on the April 17, 2022, where they stated that all data sources in relevant articles published in CVPR in 2021 and 2022 were public data and did not involve player data. The company went into detail when describing the data sources used in the post. CVPR is a leading conference in the field of computer vision and pattern recognition organized by IEEE.

A game official also said that they have strict internal rules on information and privacy protection which they care deeply about. They further stated that they cannot use collected user information without their permission.

However, the scenario is far from being resolved. NetEase Games will really have to come out of this controversy to protect its reputation. The only way to do this is to prove to the players that the user data collected by the company cannot be used in any way without the consent of the users.

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