NFL veteran comments on open locker room access

(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

There’s nothing stopping the NFL from returning to its pre-pandemic setup.

After canceling the bubble-like setup during the scouting combine, several reporters and league insiders are excited to regain access to their locker room.

COVID-19 prevented them from going straight to the source immediately after a game under league health and safety protocols.

But now licensed media professionals will have access to the dressing rooms, giving them more opportunities to create stories and get scoops.

Even former NFL players like Mitchell Schwartz applaud the reopening of locker rooms to the media.

In response to Steve Wyche’s announcement, Schwartz said, “A really good change. Open access means members of the media can form better relationships (and friendships) with players, which leads to better stories and information. Plus, they can take the pulse of the locker room (especially after big games) and feel the emotion in the room. Love it.”

NFL players have no choice but to deal with the media in a professional manner unless they have no qualms about paying hefty fines.

Now that the media men can enter one of the most hallowed areas of the stadium, they must be ready to face the horde of journalists, especially after a defeat.

Great Relationships Lead to Great Stories

Players are people too, and they tend to open up to people they trust.

That’s why journalists who have strong friendships with players and coaches receive exclusive stories.

As always, football fans benefit from better articles that keep them engaged, entertained and informed.

More importantly, journalists can relay the atmosphere of the locker room in real time via social networks.

The opening of the locker rooms will provide media professionals with unlimited means to do their duty well.

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