Northeast Club Regionals 2021: Tournament Recap (Women)

Brute is a cut above.

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DEVENS, Mass. – A spectacular weekend in early fall paved the way for a North East Regional Championship rich in nominations to qualify three teams from the Women’s Division to the 2021 Nationals.

Saturday: staging

Saturday’s most significant result came in the very first round of the competition, with # 10 New York BENT (nominally) knocking down # 13 Boston Siege on a 13-12 double point. This result put BENT in charge of Pool B and on a good road to national qualification. New York rose early in the game, winning halftime 7-4 thanks to a strong performance from the D-line that punished Siege’s mistakes with a quick break after a quick break.

BENT faltered after the break, however, and Siege took advantage. One of New York’s key new players and backfield dynamo O-line, Samiya Ismail, was knocked out by injury early in the second half, and in the play-up that followed, the BENT offensive began to spit out the record. Once Boston’s central defense started to generate turns, the breaks started to pile up. Siege broke to force the double point of play at 12-12 but couldn’t get the last block they needed to complete the comeback. After a clean, albeit heartbreaking final take, BENT emerged with a clear path to the semi-finals on Sunday.

Elsewhere in the women’s division, Saturday was largely drama-free. # 3 Boston Brute Squad allowed a total of six points in four games, while # 21 Albany Rebel Rebel took care of business against the rest of Pool A to win a game to play against BENT on Sunday morning. The bid-glomming boogieman of Boston Friends Team never materialized, despite a few scary names on the list. BENT and Siege both sent the veteran squad with minimal fuss to take the top two spots in Pool B.

Sunday: the favorites move on to the national championships

Brute Squad never even blinked. They crushed Siege 15-1 in the semifinals (they were leading 8-0) to advance to the national championships, then left no doubt about the pecking order in the region with a 15-4 loss to BENT in final.

Brute allowed just 11 points over the weekend. What could have been a tighter final turned into a blowout in the wind, as demonstrated by Brute’s elite discus skills throughout their depth, while BENT’s reliance on a few players. high level for throwing injured them as Brute forced New York to spread the discus. through their team.

But the joy was already there for BENT, who lost three games to play in 2019 and hadn’t made a national championship since 2015. They had just ended their multi-year funk emphatically with a 13- dominant rematch. 4 against Rebel. Rebel, who had upset them at Sectionals. BENT’s defense were happy to let Rebel Rebel move their pulling play to the sideline, after which they suppressed resets and erased Rebel’s ability to move the disc. Albany rarely had comfortable offensive possessions, and despite a few loose turnovers from his D-line attack, BENT just overwhelmed Rebel Rebel. An early lead led Albany to take the start and make one no doubt for BENT.

In the coming match with the wind at its peak, Siege took control early with a pair of downwind / downwind breaks to go up 4-2. Both teams managed to hold to leeward for most of the remainder of the game, thanks in part to short wind pulls in midfield. Even when the teams had a chance to break, attacking the upwind D line was hard work.

Rebel Rebel had plenty of opportunities to break Siege 9-7 but couldn’t find the end zone. Finally, however, they managed to get the critical break upwind to move closer to one at 10-9 after a slow release film by Lauren Doyle. They had several opportunities to tie her up, but Siege’s O-line defense was solid, and they ended up working her upwind and in the end zone for a grainy blast, their only ( and only chance) of the match. Rebel Rebel needed to craft some magic, but they failed to hold two red zone trips and Siege broke upwind to end it and return to the Nationals.


  • Team of Friends finished in 5th place. They lost to BENT, Siege and Rebel Rebel but won all of their other matches.
  • Vice beat Versa (!) 11-5 on Sunday to take 7th place.

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