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KENDALLVILLE – You won’t find square arcade machines, pinball machines or coin-operated electronics at the new Gamers Gathering.

Instead, the new gaming cafe in the new Impact Institute at Fairview Center is a ‘modern day arcade’, with high-end gaming PCs and a new gaming console, connected to the web and ready to go. whether people are playing alone or with opponents in a chair next to them or anywhere in the world.

Owner Jared Feller created the unique business to this region in early October and is working to build a game-hungry clientele.

“It’s a modern day arcade, people can come in and pay to play on time, an opportunity for the kids to get off the streets, avoid trouble and have fun,” he said. declared Feller. “A lot of people love games, there are over 3 billion people in the world today. I just want to build a community in Kendallville for people with similar interests.

Feller worked for about a decade in manufacturing jobs, but always had the idea of ​​opening his own gaming cafe. With the pandemic in place and after quitting his last job, he decided to flip the switch. feed her dream and go for it.

“My idea of ​​opening a store was ideally like a play YMCA to begin with. But I started to see these game shows popping up across the country and I researched and made a business plan to model that, ”he said.

He rented the space in the Fairview Center mall at 568 Fairview Blvd., next to Rent-A-Center, and began remodeling the storefront that in a previous life was once a Bed, Bath & Beyond. It started renovating around July and opened on October 7.

Inside, the cool black walls are padded with acoustic dampening foam, and the deep store is currently split into two sides: video game consoles on the left wall and gaming PCs on the right wall.

On the left, players can sit in a chair and launch one of four console offerings – the XBOX Series X and Series S consoles, a hard-to-find PlayStation 5, and an old-fashioned Nintendo emulator with a library. of 400 games.

On the right, Feller has multiple PC stations with high-performance gaming PCs, each loaded with a selection of free games, multiple arena-style online offerings, but also a growing library built on player demand.

“We have a game request board. People come in, write the game they want, every Thursday I buy new games. So if they come regularly, I’ll drop $ 60.

PCs, many of which feature multi-colored LED lights as part of their components giving them a cool neon vibe, are all built in-house by Feller and represent a price range of tech. All of these computers are for sale if people want – two desks were empty due to recent sales – de Feller can custom create something similar to a buyer’s design.

Feller said its high-end gaming PC costs around $ 3,000 and drops around $ 500 per platform, for a budget model of around $ 1,000.

Since its opening less than a month ago, it has built an audience. Feller said word of mouth has spread across TikTok and Facebook, and he’s attracting clients from the nearby Impact Institute, since seeing his business daily on its way to professional classes.

Feller said he also attracted several people from LaGrange County, who come to his store because they lack a good internet connection at home. Without a strong high-speed internet connection, online gaming may be impossible.

Besides games on time, Feller said he wanted to be able to host parties and support esports gaming teams and would like to add a virtual reality station in the future.

Feller also offers PC building classes for $ 20 an hour, where he can teach people how to break up and build their own rig. He said he might one day like to get involved with his next door neighbor at Impact Institute to provide technical skills to these students.

Gamers Gathering is currently open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. Rental rates are normally $ 8 per hour for playing on a PC or $ 6 per hour for consoles.

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