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Italy’s No. 1 iGaming Operator Set to Partner with Retention Marketing Leader to Evolve Marketing Personalization and Drive Growth with AI-Mapped CRM Journeys

Optimove, the leading CRM marketing platform, announced today that it has been selected as the CRM marketing solution by Lottomatica Group, the largest Italian group in the public gaming sector and one of the main players in Europe.

Optimove, which now works with five of the six major Italian operators, helps brands manage large-scale CRM marketing frameworks. Optimove enables brands to reach their customers with the right message on the right channel by personalizing thousands of campaigns across hundreds of segments. Optimove enables brands to reach their customers with the right message on the right channel. Optimove’s AI-powered solutions autonomously determine the next best action for each actor, eliminating the need for marketers to manually map each customer journey. Optimove allows iGaming operators to better understand player behaviors before they become risky. This information can help protect at-risk players, optimize marketing strategies, and improve long-term player retention.

The Lottomatica Group is the leading Italian operator of sports betting machines, games, entertainment and online entertainment. With approximately 1.7 billion euros in revenue, the operator is the market leader and offers safe and engaging gaming experiences. Lottomatica has a customer base of 1 million online players, a franchise network of approximately 3,000 sports betting outlets and approximately 1,400 employees.

The new partnership will strengthen Lottomatica Group’s CRM marketing capabilities, enabling the operator to scale and manage hundreds of player segments by seamlessly orchestrating real-time and scheduled multi-channel campaigns, personalized for each player with the right message. through the optimal channel. The science-based approach built into Optimove’s CRM marketing platform will allow the operator to measure the incremental value of every player interaction and improve their responsible gaming practices by using Optimove’s predictive model to identify and manage risk gamblers.

“We are delighted to partner with Optimove,” said Simone Occhiuzzi, Digital Director at Lottomatica Group. “To ensure we are always one step ahead of the pack, we decided to work with the best proven CRM marketing platform. Optimove’s best solution will help us deepen the relationship with our players and ensure that we are always the responsible choice for players. We believe iGaming should be, and remain, fun and understand the importance of responsible gaming practices. Optimove’s CRM marketing platform will help us gain greater share of wallet while maintaining a compliant and responsible CRM marketing strategy.”

“We are delighted to have been selected by Lottomatica Group as their CRM marketing solution,” said Motti Colman, Senior Director of Sales at Optimove. “When a leading operator partners with the leading CRM marketing hub, expect big things. A customer-centric approach to marketing is more important than ever for brands that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors on the An effective CRM marketing strategy must include the ability to unify customer data, micro-segment audiences, create personalization at scale, AI orchestration, and measure the incremental impact of every action. Optimove provides all the pieces of this puzzle and more. We look forward to helping Lottomatica use these capabilities as a growth engine for the business.”

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