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Banner image: Ubisoft / Kirill B.

Ahead of the Six Invitational 2021, Team one head coach Arthur “TchubZ” Martins said he and Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi had studied every player they added to make the squad “perfect”.

Now, having taken a 3-2 victory over a much more experienced Team Empire, that statement has been well confirmed by the title success.

An emotional TchubZ after the victory. (Photo: Ubisoft / Eric Anamalay)

“I think I’ve cried like … six times already. I think I’ve lost count,” TchubZ began at the press conference hosted by Ubisoft, laughing. “I remember, I told you before SI that I had built this perfect team. Yeah, and now it’s (been) proven, five months later.”

The Team oNe team was made up in a very unique way in “Rainbow Six Siege”, the organization having sold its old roster to MIBR. This new team had almost been put together in what might be the closest equivalent to the esports version of “Moneyball”.

“We built a team by profiles,” TchubZ said. “No one on this list was a very big star in (his) previous team and five months later we are major champions.”

While the players weren’t stars before Team On, they certainly are now. Karl “Alem4o” Zarth rose to fame after SI 2021, while Juliano “Levy” Andrade dos Santos Benos was crowned MVP of the whole event. Alongside him, Alem4o and Caio “Neskin” Szazi also won EVP awards.

Team oNe’s victory gradually grew stronger, TchubZ hinted, revealing players and staff only had about “six days” off to train and play since this roster was formed. . But this hard work paid off.

The Brazilians even came close to missing out on the event’s playoffs, let alone the grand final, after having to restrict CYCLOPS athletes’ play to no more than two rounds on the final day of the group stage. But they pulled it off, forcing a “Siege” – first with a repeated tiebreaker match, and won it too.

Alem4o later said that the victories against CAG were the most difficult. And of course, once in the playoffs, Team one was unstoppable. DarkZero Esports fell 2-0 and Team Liquid was sent in a 2-1 that featured an explosive 7-0 on the final map – the only whitewash of the entire event.

Before the Grand Final, Team oNe had to face reigning Six Major champions, Team Empire. The Brazilians got off to a horrific start with a 2-7 loss to Clubhouse and it looked like the fairytale might end.

“I think we already knew we could beat Empire after the (card) bans,” Alem4o said of how the game unfolded. “We had a plan. [on] Clubhouse, but we weren’t playing Clubhouse (before), so it was pretty hard to win against them. “

But Team oNe responded with a 7-2 in-kind on Chalet, with Alem4o implying that Empire’s lack of games on the map – similar to his team’s lack of games on Clubhouse – worked well for oNe. The Brazilians went on to win Coastline in a tense 8-6 and it looked like Consulate, where they beat Liquid 7-0 in the semifinals, was where the victory would be concluded.

“The surprise was the Consulate,” revealed Alem4o. “They played very differently [from] what we are dealing (with) normally, like they play differently from Liquid, CYCLOPS, Soniqs … was very difficult to play against [Empire] on the Consulate. “

But confidence never wavered for Team oNe, with Alem4o saying his team “knew” they would win Villa as Empire rarely played him in official matches and hadn’t played him in that event at all.

The only round Team oNe would lose to Villa would be thanks to a 1v3 clutch from Danil “JoyStiCK” Gabov. The final score on this map would be 7-1 and Team one would take a historic victory.

With the win, the performances of every Team one player and Levy’s MVP praise, it’s clearer than ever that this team isn’t just “Alem4o and his friends”.

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