Play It Forward DAO Raises US $ 6 Million To Drive Game Growth To Win

With a diverse set of investors in all aspects of the Metaverse, their support positions PIF DAO well to execute our mission of making the game more rewarding. This cycle further supports the DAO PIF as we reach our long-term goal of creating an ecosystem designed to drive the growth of Play-to-Earn and create a metaverse for all.

What is the next?

Over the past 6 months we have built a community of over 40,000 participants and more than 3000 scholars (among the biggest guilds in the world) on several games (Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Pegaxy). We’re entering the next phase of our DAO: building a platform that will turn Play-to-Earn into a Plug-and-Play experience for more guilds and players around the world. We are ready to play. This. Cheeky.

Our guild management platform, P2E Board, will enable efficient guild management and allow each manager to scale up their operations quickly.

Seeking to democratize the metaverse, PIF DAO’s goal is not to take a bigger slice of the pie but to grow the pie and increase rewards for players. Built on fun and opportunity, PIF DAO moves the metaverse forward by creating an ecosystem for gamers, by gamers.

What makes us unique?

Play It Forward intends to redefine payouts by making gambling more rewarding. We execute this vision through our unique combination of a guild management platform (P2E Board) and a large-scale guild (PIF Guild)

  1. P2E Council—A market-leading guild management platform that will give guilds and players a seamless, plug-and-play experience in the metaverse and create immutable profiles for their Play-to-Earn journey
  2. PIF Guild—One of the largest guilds in the world, numbering over 3,000 scholars and 40,000 community members, ready to enter more markets and bring Play-to-Earn to more communities in need

Going forward, the PIF ecosystem will raise capital to allow more users to access the metaverse. PIF DAO – via PIF Guild and P2E Board – aims to be the bridge between sources of capital and users of money.

Thoughts from our contributors

PIF’s end-to-end guild management platform can provide seamless exit and credit facilities to guilds and their players through its partnership with established exchanges and local fintech players. Together, they embody the basic idea of ​​what makes a successful guild – creating a great experience for players. The founders have business acumen and a proven ability to execute, and we believe they will broaden their horizons by partnering with major game studios and publishers as the existing game industry evolves. So yes, we are betting on the future of this solid team.YY Lai, Partner at Signum Capital

Kyber Ventures invests with confidence in PIF because of their unique guild play system, which can generate value for the Play-to-Earn economy as a whole. We believe that the P2E movement will continue with force and bring tens of millions of new users into the metaverse.Loi Luu, founder of the Kyber network

About Us

Play forward DAO is the unique combination of a guild management platform (P2E Board) and a large-scale guild of over 3,000 scholars (PIF Guild). Enabling broad access to Play-to-Earn games, PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse. We are an ecosystem where participants can track their performance in all games and create enduring profiles for the pursuit of opportunities. Play forward, play to win with ease.

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