Polymorph Master’s Lost Sector Guide – Destiny 2

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  • Modifiers and Recommended Loadout
  • Metamorphosis: lower floor

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen expansion brought one new destination and three Lost Sectors, all of which have Legendary variants. Each day the game will choose a Lost Sector to have a Legend and Master variant. Clear the Lost Sector and you’ll have a small chance of earning an Exotic for a certain armor slot.

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Transfiguration is one of those three lost sectors of the throne world. It’s arguably the simplest of the bunch, with small combat spaces and a boss that you can easily kill in a single phase. This guide will go over the Master Difficulty Metamorphosis modifiers, the enemies and champions you’ll face, and give some tips on what loadouts and strategies work for this Lost Sector.


Although this Lost Sector has tough modifiers, it only takes a few minutes to clear it with a good build. As long as you have a heavy hitting weapon and some AoEs in your kit, shapeshifting shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. Here’s what you’ll be dealing with.

Metamorphosis Modifiers

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Entrance enemies

  • Two overload counts
  • An unstoppable abomination
  • Leader (sunshield)
  • Knight (Shield Bow)
  • pests
  • Prowlers
  • Raiders

The first room you enter will have three groups of Scorn. A group will be directly to your left, containing a overload head. Take out that group first using your Heavy, an Overcharged Grenade (if empty), or any ability you have. Stun the Overload Champion and kill him before the other Scorn notices.

Overload Champions will immediately begin regenerating their HP when recovering from a stun. To prevent this from happening, use Overload Rounds on them. It won’t stun them immediately, but it will disable their ability to heal. Their antlers will flash a warm white color when their stun cooldown has been reset.

Defeating this group will spawn additional scorn and draw the attention of everyone in the room. Keep your eyes peeled left and right for a swarm of Ravagers, headless Scorn who use Stasis flails to freeze you. Back up, clear the pack, then work on the Scorn cluster further to your left. A overload head will be guarded by various fodder enemies.

Repeat what you did to the first group, killing the adds with a grenade or similar AoE effect. Stun the champion, kill him, then deal him Unstoppable Abomination giving the protected knight a hard time. Killing the Unstoppable shouldn’t take much effort. Eliminate the rest of the enemies, then break the crystals surrounding the Hive Knight to make him vulnerable. Kill the knight before continuing.

Lower Tier Enemies

  • Two unstoppable abominations
  • A head overload
  • Knight (Shield Bow)
  • Stalkers
  • Prowlers
  • Scrubs
  • Raiders

A small army of Scorn will start charging at you the second you drop here. Don’t push forward. This will spawn Screebs behind you. You’ll want to throw grenades and use AoE weapons to take out foraging enemies, drawing the attention of the overload head and Unstoppable Abomination Waiting for you. The Overload rushes first, followed by the Unstoppable a few seconds later. If you’re quick, you can kill both of them before they have a chance to hit you.

When you’re ready, move further into the room. Immediately turn around and kill the Screebs that have just appeared. Turn around, then run to the back of the room. You will see another Hive Knight defending the exit of a Scorn fodder and a Unstoppable Abomination. Focus on the Unstoppable first, then smash the three crystals around the exit to make the Hive Knight vulnerable to damage. Once you’ve killed the knight, break the grime blocking the exit to reach the boss room.

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Boss fight enemies

  • An unstoppable abomination
  • Boss (Boss)
  • pests

You will be locked in a small room with several Ravagers, a Unstoppable Abomination, and a massive leader. Kill the Ravagers first, then deal with the Unstoppable. You can use the pillars at each corner of the arena as cover for the boss.

When you’ve dealt with the fodder enemies and the champion, smash the crystals in the arena to make the leader vulnerable. You’ll have a small window to damage the boss, so make that count. It is possible to shoot the boss with a good Arc Heavy or Super, immediately ending this encounter. If you don’t, the boss will spawn more Ravagers as it loses HP. Keep moving, play cover and smash the boss crystals as soon as they appear. Open the Lost Sector chest after killing the leader to complete the Lost Sector.

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