Slots target slot machines at multiple Illinois businesses

POCAHONTAS, Illinois – Surveillance footage shows a person using a hammer to destroy a gaming machine at an Illinois bar.

Joe Rakers, the owner of Lenjo’s Bar in Pocahontas, believes the person was looking for money. Rakers said the bar was a mess when he visited the establishment on Monday.

“He’s a curmudgeon,” Rakers said of the suspect. “I hope we find them.”

The rakers shared the surveillance footage on the bar Facebook page.

His business was not the only target in recent weeks. Frank’s Corner Kitchen in Beckemeyer recently shared a video of a similar crime on October 30.

Authorities say another company in Fayette County has also been targeted. Rakers believe sharing the surveillance video will result in an arrest. He said, “You’re going to get caught sooner or later.

Anyone with information should contact the Bond County Sheriff’s Department at 618-664-2151.

Rakers said the machines were owned by another company. However, her business will suffer a financial blow as she receives part of the income. Rakers are also worried about losing customers as they work to replace machines.

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