SOFTSWISS unveils the results of the Game Aggregator customer satisfaction survey

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High-level customer support at every stage of cooperation compared to competitors is one of the main advantages highlighted by SOFTSWISS partners during the customer satisfaction survey conducted in January-February 2022 by the leading company of advice and factual information Kantar Ukraine.

The primary objectives of the research were to gain insights into customer expectations when choosing iGaming software vendor, uncover which product and workflow features are most important to partners, and disclose the level satisfaction with SOFTSWISS solutions and services compared to competing products. The survey was conducted among partners of the SOFTSWISS game aggregatorone of the most demanded products in the company’s portfolio.

Survey Results: Industry Snapshot

According to the research, the crucial functional reasons for choosing a business partner in the iGaming industry are:

  • Wide range of games
  • Flexibility in discussing terms of service
  • Quick response and problem solving

At the same time, features that are of little importance are the availability of licenses and certifications for regulated markets and overall positive reviews of the company.

As for the emotional characteristics that influence the decision, the top 3 became:

  • Simple and fast communication with the [account] manager
  • Offers you services and products that meet the needs of your business
  • Long-term partnerships

The least important emotional attribute is the prestige of the software partner.

Based on the survey, customers cite the top reasons for terminating the business relationship as poor quality or slow resolution of inquiries, lack of involvement of a company representative in the troubleshooting, as well as the lack of additional technical features and functionality. Another important reason that could cause customers to stop cooperating is poor quality support.

As indicated in the research, The SOFTSWISS partners also highlighted the 3 most important functional features of the game aggregator:

  • Stable access to games
  • Quick response to unforeseen malfunctions
  • Experienced onboarding support and additional support from the game aggregator team

In addition, customers reported that they received “prompt communication on API changes” and were quickly notified of new “API technical opportunities.”

Presentation of SOFTSWISS

The survey results showed that 90% of Game Aggregator customers are satisfied with the SOFTSWISS products they use. They highlighted that the most important features they considered when choosing SOFTSWISS were:

  • Fast and quality communication at the different stages of the joint work
  • Variety of games
  • Flexible terms of service
  • Easy onboarding process

These characteristics are in line with what SOFTSWISS wishes to offer its customers. This convergence confirms that SOFTSWISS meets the main expectations of players in the sector. The company’s status as a reliable partner is also confirmed by the fact that customers use several SOFTSWISS products at the same time. With the Game Aggregator, SOFTSWISS partners most often buy the affiliate management platform Affilka. 55% of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator customers have integrated the affiliate tracking software and are very satisfied with it.

Customer Review: Game Aggregator Features

As indicated in the research, the overall satisfaction index of the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is 8.2, which is an excellent result. Such a high level of customer satisfaction demonstrates SOFTSWISS’ focus on meeting customer needs and providing an efficient, quality service valued by partners. The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator received a high score for each of the crucial features that were highlighted by industry players in terms of choosing this type of product (on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the least important and 10 the most important):

  • Stable access to games – 9.0
  • Timely notifications about planned work – 9.0
  • Quick response to unforeseen issues (notifications, speed of resolution) – 8.8
  • High level integration support and additional support from the Game Aggregator team – 8.5

It should be noted that the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator received the highest score for the most important feature for customers, namely stable access to games.

When examining the survey results related to the level of support service, the figures show that customer service is superior to that of competitors, which is a key achievement for the team:

  • SOFT SWISS – 7.9
  • Competitors – 7.4

The most outstanding advantage of SOFTSWISS customer support is the speed of responses to inquiries and a convenient help desk.

“Such research is very useful to understand in which direction to go further to improve our performance. We are happy to see that our partners greatly appreciate our work. This inspires us to make the Game Aggregator even better. We strive to be a reliable partner for our customers and to provide them with quality service, commented Tatyana Kaminskaya, Head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator.

Summing up the research, the most important reasons for choosing SOFTSWISS in general, and Game Aggregator in particular, are a fast-growing content base, top-notch customer support, and prompt communication. The SOFTSWISS team notes that the results align with the positioning of the brand – to be a reliable iGaming provider offering expert solutions and an excellent level of service. This is an essential conclusion in terms of evaluating not only a specific product but also the company’s long-term strategy.

Continuous work with customers and studying their needs is one of the most important tasks that the marketing department sets itself. Understanding the customer allows us to create innovative products, as well as to adapt and develop customer service at the highest level. And, of course, we are happy that the results of this study not only give us valuable information, but also show great satisfaction with both our products and our services. More and more factors indicate that SOFTSWISS work standards are becoming the benchmark in the industry”, underlines Valentina Bagniya, Chief Marketing Officer at SOFTSWISS.


SOFTSWISS is a recognized expert in iGaming providing certified software solutions for the management of gaming operations. The company has an international team, which has more than 1000 employees and has an official presence in Malta, Belarus, Poland and Georgia. SOFTSWISS holds a number of game licenses, providing one-stop iGaming solutions. The company has an extensive product portfolio, which includes a online casino platformgame aggregator with thousands of casino games, the Affilka Affiliate Platform, the sports betting platform and jackpot aggregator. In 2013, SOFTSWISS was the first in the world to introduce an online casino solution optimized for bitcoins.

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