Southern University Law Center enters into partnership with Esport Supply

The University of the South Law Center (SULC) announced a partnership with esports infrastructure company Esport procurement.

As a result of the deal, the two sides will join forces to create an esports lab where students can compete against each other and build personal brands.

Image credit: Southern University Law Center

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Esport Supply will provide its arena design and construction services to build the lab. The facility is expected to include a number of recreational play areas, as well as a media streaming studio and lounge for students to watch esports events.

Chris Turner, SULC’s Mixed Reality Virtual Innovation Coordinator, Games and Esports Institute, spoke of the partnership in a statement: “The Mixed Reality Virtual Innovation Gaming and Esports Institute looks forward to the partnership with Esport Supply. This project allows us to build relationships with industry and develop programs not only for SULC students, but also for University of the South students, K-12 and unrepresented communities.

“We want to be the gateway to the metaverse for all who are interested. This is just the start of the culture and mindset shift for this community and beyond. “

According to the statement, a launch date for the installation is “in preparation” and will be revealed soon. Esport Supply regularly provides its services as an official technology partner of the National Association of Collegiate Esports.

Jake Zinn, Co-Founder and Vice President of Business Development at Esport To supply, also commented: “We’ve been huge fans of Southern University Esports coach Chris Turner and his commitment to his community for quite some time now.

“Our team is thrilled to support Chris and the impact he is having on his community and the esports ecosystem in general. We look forward to partnering with Chris and the team at the Southern University Law Center to build a top-notch esports facility to help create opportunities for their students.

Esports Insider Says: College esports in North America continues to grow, with several educational institutions creating dedicated facilities for their students. Esport Supply is a great choice for SULC to build a facility for the benefit of its students and the surrounding community.

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