Springfield Police Department warns parents to monitor video games

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – The information age we find ourselves in has given us access to the wealth of human knowledge and the ability to interact with people locally and globally. But the information age also has a dark side, especially with online games.

The Roblox online gaming platform has 54 million people playing every day. Half of them are children. And while seemingly innocent, the game can include sexually explicit, racist and other harmful content while providing online predators a direct line of communication with young children.

“Parents, have these conversations with your kids to talk about the line.” Said Cris Swaters, SPD public affairs officer. “If they feel uncomfortable, make sure your children know they can come and talk to you and that you can be that trusted adult if they are put in a situation where they feel uncomfortable. ‘easy.”

Swaters also says to use Parental Controls to make sure your kids aren’t talking with someone they don’t already know. However, if they are, it is essential to tell them never to give personal information or send photos to an unknown player.

She also said that how you have the conversation with your kids is just as important as the conversation itself. For more information on how to have these conversations and learn more about your child’s online activity, visit misskids.org for education and resources.

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